New Life in Old Stuff – Upcycling

As we mentioned in the show, a couple weeks ago when Niki was in Guatemala, Crystal redid her bedroom.

She hauled in an old desk and chair and asked me to paint them white, so they could become a vanity table and nicer seat in Niki’s room. Then she also asked if we could spray some black iron lamps white as well.

Here is a table, chair and the wrought Iron lamps we painted, but rather than your typical methods, we simply used BIN shellac based primer which is also a nice bright white and is excellent for not only a primer but a sealer. Because its shellac base it greatly improves adhesion, especially on the Lamps which were powder coated. We then simply used a waterborne topcoat. They came out excellent.

20140709_091719 20140709_091729 20140709_091733 20140709_091738 20140709_092634

For a full review of pulling this bedroom together, visit Crystal’s website/blog

Niki's bedroom

Back to work…

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Trouble with our Email List

Hey Everyone, having a little issue with Constant Contacts which is the email management program we use to let everyone know what’s happening at the workshop.

The end result of the issue has left us with an inaccurate mailing list. If you were previously on this list, please visit our web site at; scroll down until you see the Email Registration and re-enter your name and email in the form so we can again contact everyone via email when we have an announcement or information to pass along.

Thanks for your help!


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Marathon Over for a Few Days

Chest on Chest Complete

Chest on Chest Complete

So after the marathon with the Oak Chairs and the Chest on Chest complete, Charles is going to take a breather this afternoon.  Tomorrow he films this week’s show and Wednesday travels to Boston to spend some time with Tommy Mac on the set of ‘Rough Cut with Tommy MacDonald’.

Next week we will be putting the finishing touches on the ‘Recipe’ book and the Woodworking Simply Put video so we can get those completed and then maybe……..a little break and no pressure!  Not likely, hasn’t happened in 22 years why start now! :)

On another note, need to rant.  Don’t know how many of you out there use but over the weekend had a really bad experience with them.  My sister was returning to Virginia from New York and used her phone to book a room for the night, no confirmation until she was well past the hotel she was trying to book.  Later that night the email confirmation arrived and of course, she didn’t stop there because it had not been confirmed.  After settling in, she called Hotwire and explained what had happened and she obviously could not use the room, their response – tough!  Won’t go through all of the ridiculous rudeness from them that she endured, but just wanted to pass along the word that does not care about their customers when things go wrong because they didn’t do what they were suppose to.  She lost her $88.00 but they lost at least one customer.  Hope you keep this in mind when considering using them.  Sherri

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June Open House Postponed

Just wanted to give an update on the Open House we were planning for June 14th.  Still playing some catch up in the workshop and Charles will be out of town the week prior, a class the following week and he will be in Boston the week after that.

We are still planning an open house but will have to be later.  :(   We’ll keep you posted.


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Add Your Location

A very long time ago we had a map on our web site that had the location of our woodworkers around the world.  It’s back and we need you to visit our Home Page and add yourself to the map!  Just click on the ‘ADD’ button and fill in your name and location and submit!

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Your Invited!

2nd Annual Open House – CP Johnson Lumber!

Hope to see you Mid-Atlantic Woodworkers – This Saturday – May 17th…..

  • Good Food (Great Burgers, Miss Anne’s Cookies, Mexican Cokes & More)
  • Lumber Sale:  All Lumber 10% Off along with a Selection of Specials
  • Sawmill Demonstration (Chuck Putnam & His Son, Ed return)
  • Special Guest (Yours Truly)

Here is more on CP and his lumber, you wont find better quality

C.P. Johnson Lumber
21457 Business Ct.
Elkwood, VA 22718

Save the Date – Saturday – June 14th!

We’ll be hosting an Open House at our new shop!  Come visit with us and see our new home.  More details to follow!

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Shop Move ……..Light at the end of the tunnel !

I can honestly say  that after moving  my shop 4 or 5 time’s this had to be the worst. It has been brutal for all involved, but we are finally seeing daylight, a small glimmer but daylight none the less.

As I write this the guys are up getting the last of the “stuff” out of the old shop . Today we will have everything out of there, I had no idea how much “stuff” one accumulates over a life time, I did decide that if I haven’t needed it or used it in 10 years  It needed to go, well some of it  , more or less.

The mechanics of the new building left alot to be desired, but we now seem to have them in order, still need to replace the hot water tank, but that’s not  a difficult task.  Switching from propane to electric, and from a large one to a small one, we just use it for washing hands and so forth so that makes sense.

The electrician just left and we will begin getting that all done on Wednesday , it took one class to decide where things need to be and that operating everything off 2  , 220 circuits wasn’t going to work for long.  The extension cords and being able to do some work really helped to make sure we had things located as we wanted, or at least “hopefully” we have it right . But if you have ever tried to situate a shop you well know, no matter what it will need to be changed . The other thing is to be sure to add some extra outlets.

The other thing having some decent space afforded us the ability to put every thing on wheels. WOW what a difference, mobility of machines is a must. It makes life so much easier and versatile .

I have to say the casters we got from Woodcraft really are impressive , they have proved to be excellent

I searched all the box stores and everywhere, these by far were the best I could find , worth every dime in my opinion .

For those of you who have not followed along on all this, the issue was getting the property closed and possession, we were to be in by Feb 1st, it wound up ,end of March , and we had already been moving stuff down from the second story of the old shop , and suddenly we were unable to work very much in the old shop , so we were sorta trapped, not a good place to be, so when we were finally able to move we had to move fast , and like I said it has been brutal, and there is no way I could have done it without alot of help from family and friends, and I want to thank them all , they have been super.

So at this stage we are operating some what , but still have a way to go, we have 4 storage building full of wood, and “stuff”. we are building wood racks and so forth trying to get things in order, and in the midst of it all we had 2 classes, but we prevailed and got them done.

I feel sure it will be several months before we are comfortable in the new shop, but I must say, it will be a pure pleasure, and will set up as we want, and hopefully flow and work well. Having a nice class /show room, and state of the art finishing booths, and nice clean bathrooms and offices is a dream come true, not to mention “ROOM TO WORK”, I know most of you who have home shops know the strain that can be.

Well I have to go climb my big butt up into an attic hole in a 15 ft ceiling to see how we can run electrical lines, I’m thinking conduit on the out side and stay out of the attic ..

For those who have not seen the building and property or the trials of the move here ya go

Did I mention , I don’t like ladders !













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