New Life in Old Stuff – Upcycling

As we mentioned in the show, a couple weeks ago when Niki was in Guatemala, Crystal redid her bedroom.

She hauled in an old desk and chair and asked me to paint them white, so they could become a vanity table and nicer seat in Niki’s room. Then she also asked if we could spray some black iron lamps white as well.

Here is a table, chair and the wrought Iron lamps we painted, but rather than your typical methods, we simply used BIN shellac based primer which is also a nice bright white and is excellent for not only a primer but a sealer. Because its shellac base it greatly improves adhesion, especially on the Lamps which were powder coated. We then simply used a waterborne topcoat. They came out excellent.

20140709_091719 20140709_091729 20140709_091733 20140709_091738 20140709_092634

For a full review of pulling this bedroom together, visit Crystal’s website/blog

Niki's bedroom

Back to work…

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1 Response to New Life in Old Stuff – Upcycling

  1. Monte West says:

    You did a beautiful job for a real great young lady. I knew you were talented artist from some of your other painting, but you out did yourself this time. It is also interesting to see for myself what the table and chair looked like before and after they were painted.
    A side note is this has happened to me while I was on a scouting trip and I thought I was in the wrong house. I was very surprised and I know that Niki was also. It gave you great joy and made you very proud to do this to one of your great children. Very nice job Crystal.

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