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Carving With A Master , Meet Mary May I just stepped off the camera, filming the final mockup and design of the spice chest, and in the show I discuss some of the issues with building the Townsend Clock, for the average guy,  and without a doubt … Continue reading

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Metropolitan Museum Visit, John Townsend / John Goddard,

ok,the pictures and video are  bigger and more than a blog will allow but check out the main site, Sherri has alot of it on the main page, now remember we were using cameras, and phones for videos, so this … Continue reading

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Spice Chest , Townsend Clock Wood Kits

I have had alot of emails asking about the wood for the Spice Chest and the Townsend Clock,  as well many have emailed Bob Kloes about the same. Both of these are cases where its make alot of sense,to do kits , because … Continue reading

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2011 Wounded Warrior Project Contribution Goal Met

Thanks to all of the Charles Neil Woodworkers who supported and contributed to ‘The Wounded Warrior Project” through our web site in 2011.  We are pleased to announce that we reached our $10K goal, with a total of paid contributions … Continue reading

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Bombe Box – Photo Gallery Active

Good Morning to Everyone – We have received some photos from woodworkers who have made the ‘Bombe’ Box – there is a gallery located in the ‘Mastering Woodworking’ section of our web site but is open to viewing by anyone. … Continue reading

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