Bombe Box – Photo Gallery Active

Good Morning to Everyone – We have received some photos from woodworkers who have made the ‘Bombe’ Box – there is a gallery located in the ‘Mastering Woodworking’ section of our web site but is open to viewing by anyone.  If you made a box and would like to include it in the gallery, please email photos to me at!

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3 Responses to Bombe Box – Photo Gallery Active

  1. jk93117 says:

    Joe – The addition of the interior tray was a really good idea. Makes for a really nice jewelry box. What kind of woods did you use? Looks like walnut but the bottom looks lighter. Good job.

  2. Joe DeLong says:

    jk, The raised panel. the base assembly and tray sides are Orange Agate from Peru, I believe.
    The box is indeed Black Walnut. Tx, Joe

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