Carving With A Master , Meet Mary May

I just stepped off the camera, filming the final mockup and design of the spice chest, and in the show I discuss some of the issues with building the Townsend Clock, for the average guy,  and without a doubt the carving of the shell as well as the finials, will be the top of the list.While we will be showing you and doing our own,  it is recorded and well know that the old masters had  master carvers who did just that, carved, day in and day out, thus mastering the art, well that is what Mary does, so I wanted to introduce you to her, and let you have a chance to get some of her DVD’s and plaster castings.

**** note : the clock shell is smaller than the secretary, so I will also need to get her the pattern as well , but we will have all of that for you

Its winter, so it’s the perfect time, to sit down and learn to carve, but don’t use 2×4 and stuff like that, get you some bass wood , mahogany, or whatever trust me when I tell you that the wood can play a huge difference in success, or failure.

I am not trying to sell anything here and have no involvement other than I think you can learn alot from Mary and will give you a little clue, I also am ordering her products, so thought I would pass it along,  it hard to beat some one at their own game.

I also ask Mary if she would be able to help with carving the clock shell and the finials, she said yes,  the shell would be about 300.00 and not sure on the finials, which would have to be turned first, and I need to get her the pattern and so forth,   she says she has some one who could  turn them as well, if needed, so for those of you looking to stretch your skills, here ya go.

Stay warm and safe, and tell Mary I said hello

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7 Responses to Carving With A Master , Meet Mary May

  1. Brian Loucks says:

    Darn you Charles. First you, then Bob Kloes, now Mary May. My wife is going to have to get a second job 🙂
    Keep it coming! Thanks for all you do.

  2. Brian, you trying to say I am hard on budgets, I have heard that before, especially here in the shop, 🙂 and at home and everywhere I go

  3. Brian Loucks says:

    I always tell my wife, I could be spending money on golf, at least there is something to show for those $100 router bits!

  4. yep and no hangover, I tried that golf thing once, but the hippo kept closing his mouth, wasn’t impressed, 🙂 wood is good,

  5. don says:

    Cool resource, DVD’s on the way.

  6. Wayne Raley says:

    Charles, you are so right about the wood. First time I tried a bas-relief carving I picked red oak…………..a very poor decision. Almost ruined my wood carving journey. Then picked basswood for my first attempt at a ball and claw, so much easier to carve and sand! Well, my budget has long gone to ashes, but it sure is fun.


  7. mike wilson says:

    Here you on the golf thing, damn windmill!!!

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