Spice Chest , Townsend Clock Wood Kits

I have had alot of emails asking about the wood for the Spice Chest and the Townsend Clock,  as well many have emailed Bob Kloes about the same.

Both of these are cases where its make alot of sense,to do kits , because they involve several different thicknesses and various widths, so simply put a board footage number is not the best way to approach it, but having someone like Bob who can help put it together helps alot , first it assures you get what you need and second it allows for less expense, because for example if you need  one piece of 8/4 , you will normally have to buy an entire board to get it, since Bob is doing multiple kits he can divide it up, so it saves alot.

At this moment, I have not laid out all the parts, and will not until I return from NY , and actually visiting the clock, then I can better break it down into the parts we will need. so at this moment  prices are not available.

The spice chest can be anything, I am doing one out of Curly cherry, with maple dividers and tiger maple drawer fronts, and thinking a reverse using tiger maple and cherry interior and drawer front, also may do a walnut one,

The clock, 2 woods come to mind, curly cherry and walnut, tiger is also an option, but walnut or cherry are more traditional, the original’s were either mahogany or walnut, some poplar or maple as secondary , also white pine was the dominate secondary of the day, ( my choice) ( worked easy) .

All of this said , so that if your interested, please let Bob, know, this will help him to see what volume he is looking at and the more volume , the less expensive, just how it works.

The wood is purely Bobs deal, we do not make anything off of it, just so you know, nor do we want to,  better to see the price held down, and you build the projects, now the other thing is, you never want to build a clock, without the workings, because everything has to fit, and we realize the workings are expensive, so wood and movements together can be an issue, however, we will have the movements, so we can guide you thru the build so at whatever point you can get the movements they will fit properly.

Bob also tells me he still has kits for the bombe box, if you have an interest, and I personally want to thank Bob for helping with these kits, I personally know that small orders and especially kits are a real pain,  so it really helps us out, and I have also heard from alot of you abouthow nice Bobs material is, and I can also attest that I have always been delighted , and in case you don’t know, I am what ya might call  ” a might particular” .

So if you want on the list , please let Bob know, and we realize price will be an issue, but again the more folks participating the better the price will be for all, drop Bob and let him know if you have an interest   Bob@bobkloes.com

will be out next week but might squeeze a little blog in if possible, and plan to get lots of pictures as allowed  🙂

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4 Responses to Spice Chest , Townsend Clock Wood Kits

  1. bob says:

    The “might particular” comment is dead on. bob

  2. DocSavage45 says:

    Hope you Guys are having a great time in New York. The clock sounds like a great traditional piece. As one of the more verbal members of Charles fan club, and admirer of his work and teaching efforts, I want to say thanks, and have a great new year.

    Thanks for all your efforts Bob and I hope all goes well.

    I’m looking forward to having enough free time to check out the WW’s box DVD, and that you have material sets for the box.

    I seem to be getting a slow start in 2012. LOL

    Have a wonderful and prosperous new year!


  3. Muzzy says:

    Be careful in New York. I don’t even like it up there. if you get a chance grab a gabba-goul and prevalone sandwich.

  4. Vilma says:

    Marvelous, what a website it is! This blog presents useful facts to us,
    keep it up.

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