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Ahhhh – Paradise

After the clocks and this and that’s, (Sherri will be uploading the clock episodes this week) I finally had time to get to the step back we need done by next Monday for the FWW photo shoot. Here is the … Continue reading

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Well, I’ve got to tell ya….

The clock build is about done. How did I get five clocks, Geez. As usual, the video is longer than I thought it would be. In about a day and a half I can have five clocks built and ready … Continue reading

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You’ve Got to See This!

It’s Wednesday – time is getting close, I’ve got to get the step back going for the photo shoot and I am going to start my next DVD. Not sure what the title will be yet but the content is … Continue reading

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Just What I Needed

Yesterday I went hard and furious, getting my clocks ready for filming…they are at the point now that they just need assembled and finished up, but wanted them where we could take them apart to show how we did what, … Continue reading

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Yabba Dabba Dooooooo….

it’s Monday and feels like it toooooo! The desk is dry, ready for a final rub out and finish the assembly. The step back is about a week behind it – oil finishes do take longer, nice ones any way. … Continue reading

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Just chatting

well its Saturday morning, having some coffee…and fixing to go wrap up the clock build….I really think you will like this…what I had to do was to build the clocks, then basically do it again…so we have a visual reference, and … Continue reading

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At It Again!

Well, I’ve kind of been here and kind of not the last couple of days. Did enough to wrap up the “Door and Drawer” DVD – a really good thing. Probably surprised you with that one! been working on it … Continue reading

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