Tiger Maple Corner Cupboard Video Series

It’s been a while since we did a public video, so we elected to take the first project from our Mastering Woodworking Show. The project is a Tiger Maple corner cupboard with Glass pane doors .

Being the first project it was filmed in 2010. Since then audio and video have dramatically improved.

For you more experienced woodworkers the pace will probably be pretty slow. We did this so as to cover all the minor details involved with the novice in mind. This will be approximately a 40 video project on You Tube.

So whether you’re an experienced pro or a total novice I think we have it covered. Many of our show subscribers built the cupboard and have remained with the show since its inception.

The link below will take you to the videos on our web site, you can also find other videos on You Tube  as well ,listed under In The Workshop . In addition if you sroll down the rightt side  you will see  a few more simpler projects and some tips and tricks.  Hope you enjoy the videos and learn something just be sure to be safe.

As of this writing there are nine videos currently up and more on the way



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1 Response to Tiger Maple Corner Cupboard Video Series

  1. Mike Kratky says:

    I had seen the finished Tiger Maple corner cabinet several times in the New Market location while taking classes there, very striking piece. Having seen the original videos several years ago and now rewatching them I’m amazing what I either missed or forgot, the detail Charles goes into and the tips are outstanding, truly a master in our midst and a great teacher.

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