Marathon Over for a Few Days

Chest on Chest Complete

Chest on Chest Complete

So after the marathon with the Oak Chairs and the Chest on Chest complete, Charles is going to take a breather this afternoon.  Tomorrow he films this week’s show and Wednesday travels to Boston to spend some time with Tommy Mac on the set of ‘Rough Cut with Tommy MacDonald’.

Next week we will be putting the finishing touches on the ‘Recipe’ book and the Woodworking Simply Put video so we can get those completed and then maybe……..a little break and no pressure!  Not likely, hasn’t happened in 22 years why start now! 🙂

On another note, need to rant.  Don’t know how many of you out there use but over the weekend had a really bad experience with them.  My sister was returning to Virginia from New York and used her phone to book a room for the night, no confirmation until she was well past the hotel she was trying to book.  Later that night the email confirmation arrived and of course, she didn’t stop there because it had not been confirmed.  After settling in, she called Hotwire and explained what had happened and she obviously could not use the room, their response – tough!  Won’t go through all of the ridiculous rudeness from them that she endured, but just wanted to pass along the word that does not care about their customers when things go wrong because they didn’t do what they were suppose to.  She lost her $88.00 but they lost at least one customer.  Hope you keep this in mind when considering using them.  Sherri

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4 Responses to Marathon Over for a Few Days

  1. Mike Kratky says:

    Always so nice to see a finished “project”, anything built from tigermaple is my favorite, hope the finishing gets posted on the “finishing site”.

  2. Mike, no filming of the finishing of this one, did good to get it finished for delivery, no time to stop and chat! 🙂

  3. WoodBarter says:

    That’s a winner. Awesome job Neil.

  4. Gerry Rovner says:

    Beautiful chest on chest, and the repair on the game table was an added bonus. Thank you! BTW,
    have a good time in Boston. My home town. We’re heading there later in July, and will be going to some of the same haunts….No Name Seafood, etc. Be Well!


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