Stumpy Nubs … A cool video…

I often do get a kick out of Stumpys “antics” and he does come up with some pretty ingenious woodworking projects and advice. In this video he “Explores ” the history of woodworking ..I though it pretty cool, take a look and enjoy

If you haven’t caught up with Stumpy here is his website,

So as Stumpy would put it “if ya got nothing better to do” take a look , his humor is “unique” .. But it does grow on ya ..

Stumpy has become a good friend and supporter , since I whipped his butt, in the box build off ( Bombe box)…. Laughing ..But he has come along way … We may have some other “joint” ventures in the near future .


Check it out…




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Whew …Books, Videos , Shows .. Been Busy

We are finally thawing out, unlike a lot of other folks. Spring can’t come too soon.. Not sure about you but this has been an unusually tough winter .  One for the record books in many places.

In spite of the weather , we have managed to stay quite busy , as most know, we finally got our Finishing book done , and have been working on a new  “recipe”  book of  the colors that we have used for years, I also think it will help folks be able to “make up ‘ and match other colors. I decided to add a chapter on this to help folks, I get a lot of “color” questions. The book uses 3 different  dyes,  TransTint , W.D. Lockwood (metal complex) and General Finish . We chose these dyes because of quality, availability and ease of use.  They are all water base, our favorite. I love the way a water base colorant, especially a dye, allows me so much flexibility and the clean crisp colors.  Check out the book at  . I elected to do the book simply because of all the requests and all the color issue emails  I get .

I am doing another DVD, I actually had not planned any more DVD’s, felt like we had pretty much covered the spectrum.  Like the recipe book, what prompted this was the emails asking, “exactly how do you do it ?” If you would like to pre-order this DVD, you can do so by visiting this link to our on-line store,  The book will ship around April 15th.

When I did all the DVD’s I tried to be as all inclusive as I could, as we all know there is more than one way to “skin a cat”, so we tried to address as many different ways as we could . The new DVD is NOT that, its just the opposite, It’s how I do it, have done it and will continue to do it. While I can build a case in numerous different ways, as well as a door, or drawer, In reality I do them, basically the same every time, because it  always works, so based on the emails, I decided to put it all in one place.

We have also elected to offer a lot of classes in 2014. We had decided to NOT do any more in house classes, just because of space. It was very difficult. We are looking to  move into a new facility soon, hopefully by the end of March, there were issues  with the title and so forth which delayed us about 2 months, but hopefully it will all be resolved quickly.  There are still a few spots left in most of the classes.

To take a look at the class schedule, use the following link:

The new property allows us much more and much better space. A place for a nice class room and so forth, so we are excited about that .

I have gotten a lot of  emails as well from folks who are “waiting on spring” to be able to finish their winter projects, I understand that .

So we’ve been writing, filming, building, finishing and just staying the course, and will continue. I am testing out some new finishes and have some cool projects forth coming.

That’s what we’ve been up to, how about you?  Anybody do any woodworking over the winter,?

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John Townsend Book….

As most of you know I am a huge John Townsend and John Goddard fan..These guys are the “Master’s” ..Bar None.  These are the Newport Furniture makers.. There work is amazing .

As many will recall we got the first edition book , then it skyrocketed in price, some in the 600.00 range.

Our good friend Paul Marcel informed me he found the book on Amazon’s a second printing I think and they also have a paper-backed version .. so if your interested check it out .

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Photos from Baltimore Woodworking Show

20140104_132143 20140104_132208 20140104_150950 20140104_151002 20140104_151054 20140104_151342 DSC07124 DSC07125 DSC07126 DSC07127 DSC07128 DSC07129 DSC07130 DSC07132 DSC07133 DSC07134

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Baltimore Woodworking Show

Good Morning!  Late notice but we want to let everyone know that Charles will be at the Baltimore Woodworking Show at the Woodcraft Booth on Saturday, January 4, 2014 from 10am to 3pm.  For SHOW DETAILS Click Here.  You can purchase show tickets online or at the door.
If you live near the Baltimore area, please stop by and visit us at the Show.  Charles will be signing books (we will have a limited number on hand, or bring your copy) and will have some Pre-Color Conditioner available too.
Looking forward to meeting you!
2014 Planning – Contest!
We hope your holidays were as great as ours!  Nothing like spending time with family and friends, and of course, those new woodworking tools under the tree!
We are making plans for 2014, planning lots of classes, but we need to hear from you.  From the beginning, we have tried to make this site about you, our woodworking friends, so as we plan ‘what’ we are going to offer in the coming year, your feedback is very important so we’re going to have a little contest.
  • $100 Gift Card from Woodcraft (1)
  • $50 Gift Card from Woodcraft (1)
  • Freud 8″ Pro Dado Set (5/8″ Arbor) (1)
  • Wood River Wheel Marking Gauge (1)
  • Painter’s Pyramid Gliders or Grabbers (24)
  • Free 2014 Class Tuition of Your Choice (1)

How to Enter:

  1. Send an email to us at and in 50 to 150 words, tell us why you follow Charles Neil Woodworking and what you would like to see  on our site; in our classes; or in the Mastering Woodworking Show in 2014.  It’s that simple!
  2. Include your name and email address at the end of your email.
  3. Emails may be submitted now through midnight, January 15th, 2014.
  4. Winners will be randomly drawn from those who submit an email.
  5. Emails of less than 50 words or more than 150 words will be disqualified.
  6. Only one email entry per person, however, any one who makes a purchase from our store through midnight, January 15th, 2014 will also be entered.
  7. The contest is open to residents of the United States or Canada.
Please continue to read about the great specials we have available from our store.
Our Book Continues to Sell Out – More on the Way!
If you haven’t gotten your copy yet – now is the time to get one!
Finishing, Simply Put…no Chemistry Degree Required.
We are very proud of what we have accomplished in getting this book published this past year.
Just like in woodworking, we are pleased to bring you a shop friendly book, double wire bound, will lay flat on your desk or workbench, laminated covers because we know there will be lots and lots of thumbing through the pages.  Full table of contents and index, 225 pages, over 45,000 words and 250 photographs.

If you want to guarantee one or more copies when our next shipment arrives in about three weeks, please order now.
If you have questions, please email me at
Router Bits Available!  Special Pricing
Special Order and Pricing on the 
Charles Neil Signature Gooseneck Moulding Bit Set!
     This is a custom set that Charles had made especially for the Gooseneck moulding on his bonnet top highboy.
     The set includes the two router bits and an instructional DVD on how to use the two bits to make a curved molding as photographed.
     We are not able to offer these sets all of the time but will be having them made the first of January.  The lead time to shipping is 8-10 weeks from the manufacturer, Whiteside Machine Co.  These sets are not available elsewhere and are custom made exclusively for us.
The regular price for the Set is $276.44; our special price if ordered by January 5th is $225.00!
shipping will be approximately the first week of March 2014
Charles Neil Custom Profile Molding Bit

Fantastic molding bit that Charles designed a few years back.  Multiple uses and the bit comes with a DVD showing all the ways you can put this bit to work in your shop!
Regular Price $84.00
Special Price:  $67.20
There are a limited number of these bits available to ship within 7 days.
Crown Molding/Ogee Bit
     We have a limited number of these bits in stock, comes with a DVD showing you how and when to use.
Regular Price:  $76.00
Special Pricing:  $64.60
In Stock
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On-Line Finishing Class ..Mahogany Bombe’s and Cherry Secretary

Just a quick up date on the On-line finishing class .

As we speak we are finishing two mahogany bombe’s  ( as appears in the middle of the photos at the top of this page ) and the cherry secretary from the Mastering Woodworking  Class . The cameras are rolling as we do , so keep your eye out for them. We have also just uploaded several other segments .

The cherry secretary is going to be dyed our ” natural cherry” color , so it will involve blotch control and  working with dyes in a large piece .

There will be numerous segments  on all the pieces , and hopefully they will begin going up next week.

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Hybrid Woodworking by Marc Spagnuolo

I don’t usually do alot of reviews of books, and so forth , but this is an exception. I got Marc’s book, read thru it .

First off I enjoyed reading it.. the language and flow was nice and comfortable .

Now let me say after 40 some odd years of woodworking , I had experienced alot of what Marc had in the book. The neat part was seeing things I had actually not done or forgot about . There were also a few ,”why didn’t I think of that ” sort of thing .

The book basically shows you how power and hand tools interrelate , as well as provide techniques using either , or in combination.

Personally I think anyone would benefit from this book , and the newer you are to woodworking , the more so.

I actually refrained from doing this review until I could digest exactly what Marc had done. The book had a significant appeal to me, as well as numerous others who have come thru  my shop. I just couldn’t put my finger on the appeal. Woodworking always appeals to me, but there was something more, and I was missing it.

This morning between coats of finish , I picked up the book and started looking thru it again , and it hit me .

The book defines Marc’s own woodworking journey.

I’m not even sure if Marc realizes it .. but as I look and read thru the pages it became clear.. the little tricks and techniques are things he has learned and picked up through  his own journey . Whether  learned from others or thru experience , the book shows not only what he has learned but how he has been able to translate that into a concise direction for others .

The bottom line for me is the detail . We all know where the devil lives and it’s in the details .. Marc addresses those little details that can often be the difference in success and failure , as well as solutions when it all goes south .

I  think any woodworker of any skill level would not only enjoy the book but would also learn from it . I certainly did.

There are numerous reviews  of the book you can Google and they are all positive , this is just my .02 . I think Marc did a superb job , I encourage you to take a look , I think you will enjoy the book as I did.

Well Done Marc,




















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