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At It Again!

Well, I’ve kind of been here and kind of not the last couple of days. Did enough to wrap up the “Door and Drawer” DVD – a really good thing. Probably surprised you with that one! been working on it … Continue reading

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ACE is Expecting…..

his chisels to get home any day. We will let him be the judge if they are sharp. Now….Ace’s chisels had uh-well been sharpened at a time or 20 and while I have a bevel gauge, I wasn’t quite sure … Continue reading

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MDF Splines & Cabinets

I’ve got the cabinets  primed, filled and ready for paint.  I’ve got the backs done and ready for the doors.   I decided to go with the MDF so as to have a nice flat panel as these doors simply get a routed profile.  I … Continue reading

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August 29, 2008

Well, yesterday was one of those days, had to crate up some pieces to be shipped to NYC…rained all day, sorta gloomy. I finally got to work some on the step back. I got the crown made and sanded, doors … Continue reading

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