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Finishing MDF

On yesterday’s blog, Larry asked for a better photo of the inserted spline, here it is Larry. You’ll notice further down in this blog when the hole is drilled for the hinge insert that you can see the spline there … Continue reading

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MDF Splines & Cabinets

I’ve got the cabinets  primed, filled and ready for paint.  I’ve got the backs done and ready for the doors.   I decided to go with the MDF so as to have a nice flat panel as these doors simply get a routed profile.  I … Continue reading

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Ain’t I Done Yet?

Well, as is typical I’m way behind, had a lot of stuff going yesterday, but I’m getting there.  Not a lot to show on the cabinets, pieces and parts, but hang tight. Now I probably shouldn’t write this but hey, … Continue reading

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September 11, 2008

Rock on…I got the feet dovetail splined. I really like this look, always have. It really has a nice look and it’s strong. I used the Kehoe Dovetail Spline Jig to do it. I know how and have shown you … Continue reading

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September 8. 2008 – Bubinga

Okay, I could do a huge write on this but it’s a Blog and we got a lot of stuff to get done so here is a synopsis of the events. After the glue up, I started scraping.  I used … Continue reading

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September 5, 2008

Yesterday wound up a long day…and a hot one.  It got a might warm but I stayed the course, got most of the finishing completed, got a little more to do.  Hannah (hurricane or tropical storm, who knows!) suppose to … Continue reading

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September 2, 2008

Well, Labor Day is done.  I did head out early after dying another load of stuff to get finished.  Today I start spraying.  Gonna finish in Gemini Pre-Cat Lacquer, quick, slick and tough…my kind of finish.  In between coats I’m … Continue reading

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