The Definition of Insanity…

… is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. My picture is listed right next to it in the dictionary.

That’s kind of where we’re at these days. We move something. Then we move it to a better place. Then we see how things are flowing and find a better place to move it once again. Then we can’t find something so we make a place for it once it appears, so we’ll be able to move it around 5-6 times before it settles. Maybe.

Obviously, we’re still hard at work to set the shop up in a way that makes the most sense for efficiency and work space. Meanwhile, the show must go on! The past two weeks the show has been about setting up the new shop, and those episodes are available for anyone to view at

It’s Monday and we are discussing what we’ll be doing for this week’s show. We can’t keep focusing on the move, yet it’s what consumes us 24 hours a day right now. We knew it would be rough, but I don’t know that any of us expected it to take quite this long to be back to “normal”.

Keep hanging in there guys & gals, soon we’ll find just the right place for everything. Before we decide it must be rearranged again…

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5 Responses to The Definition of Insanity…

  1. Thomas J. Tieffenbacher/aka Doc Savage45 says:


    Looking good! Persistence, patience and precision and “one step at a time” are paying off. Nice Diggs! You definitely have some floor space. LOL!

    All the Best,


  2. LOL, I sure knew what that was like. I use Joomla now and its not as hard to use as wordpress and easy to organized WYSIWYG= What you see is what you get. Hang in there Bob

  3. Zoltan Ori says:

    Don’t worry about presenting another show on the shop move. We eat that stuff up. It would be good if you had a few snippets from the classes or talked a bit about your trip to help Howard. That was a generous move on your part with all the things you have going on and speaks volumes on the type of man and teacher you are. Your subscribers are there because they’ve come to know and appreciate that.

  4. Bill Wayland says:

    I don’t mean to start trouble, well maybe a little, but what happened to Crystal’s kitchen? I hope the current one didn’t get torn out just before the move? Anyway, work flow in a kitchen has some similarities to a workshop, I bet Crystal has had some good input on both projects and she’s not insane? Seriously, I’m in awe of what you have accomplished.

  5. Crystal here (logged in as Charles) – the kitchen hasn’t been gutted yet. Fully aware that Charles could barely find his tablesaw let alone try to build anything the past few weeks. We were just discussing that a few minutes ago and I made the comment I’d be thrilled if we could get it complete by the end of the summer. He laughed and said he would also be happy. Not sure what that laugh meant… anyway, as the shop setup finishes, I’m sure I will be able to pester him enough to start building cabinets. 🙂

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