Email Account Hacked

For any of you who have received bogus emails from our email account in the past three days, please accept our apologies.  We have had that email account since 1997!  As soon as we found out, we changed the password to this account and added another layer of security that MSN.COM now offers.  We are confident that the second bogus email sent out was from the snatching of our contacts prior to the first one going out.  I have worked with MSN yesterday evening and this morning to do the best that we can to secure this account.

We have pinpointed that the contacts that received these emails were on a laptop computer and therefore have been running everything possible to check and see if there is a virus or malicious program on that laptop.  Nothing is showing up.

Again, we are so sorry but like everyone else, we are vulnerable no matter what we have done to protect ourselves.


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2 Responses to Email Account Hacked

  1. Tony Fahd says:

    Hi Sherri Does thAt mean personal data have been compromised? Thank you

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Sherri says:

    The only thing in the contact list is the email address. We do not keep any personal data on our computers and we never have any credit card information or the like, when you purchase from us, it is all processed via PayPal web site and servers.

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