Stumpy Nubs … A cool video…

I often do get a kick out of Stumpys “antics” and he does come up with some pretty ingenious woodworking projects and advice. In this video he “Explores ” the history of woodworking ..I though it pretty cool, take a look and enjoy

If you haven’t caught up with Stumpy here is his website,

So as Stumpy would put it “if ya got nothing better to do” take a look , his humor is “unique” .. But it does grow on ya ..

Stumpy has become a good friend and supporter , since I whipped his butt, in the box build off ( Bombe box)…. Laughing ..But he has come along way … We may have some other “joint” ventures in the near future .


Check it out…




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1 Response to Stumpy Nubs … A cool video…

  1. Thomas Tieffenbacher/aka DocSavage45 says:

    You Betcha! LOL! He has come a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG way. He is continually updating his stuff. Although he is enjoying his new video production stuff, I miss some of the “Old Stumpy” into and his soliloquy at the end.

    I would enjoy seeing you guys in a joint venture although it is a long trek from VA to MI.

    My wife likes his wry humor. Sort of Family Guy meets Red Green. She also enjoys that he is “Real” in what he does. Like talking about Steve or his grandfather.

    I miss the old days of “Antiques Built Daily” and your excitment of something new.

    I have learned a bunch from you through your excellent teaching. sorry I continue to be ‘poor” although I have had income spurts, and fizzles too. I would have enjoyed a hands on tutorial.

    Stay warm, oh yeah that’s for me. High of 17 today! Worst winter in 30 years!

    Tom/aka Docsavage45

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