John Townsend Book….

As most of you know I am a huge John Townsend and John Goddard fan..These guys are the “Master’s” ..Bar None.  These are the Newport Furniture makers.. There work is amazing .

As many will recall we got the first edition book , then it skyrocketed in price, some in the 600.00 range.

Our good friend Paul Marcel informed me he found the book on Amazon’s a second printing I think and they also have a paper-backed version .. so if your interested check it out .

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2 Responses to John Townsend Book….

  1. Mike Kratky says:

    Greetings from the cold and snowy Adirondacks; thanks Charles and Paul just placed the order, have been looking for that book some time was going to ask Charles if I could borrow it when I was down there for the tilt top table class but he’s drooled all over it.

    Mike Kratky

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