Photos from Baltimore Woodworking Show

20140104_132143 20140104_132208 20140104_150950 20140104_151002 20140104_151054 20140104_151342 DSC07124 DSC07125 DSC07126 DSC07127 DSC07128 DSC07129 DSC07130 DSC07132 DSC07133 DSC07134

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3 Responses to Photos from Baltimore Woodworking Show

  1. Stumpy Nubs says:

    I think it was nice of you to sit by Tommy after he put you in a headlock. 🙂

  2. Thomas Tieffenbacher/aka DocSavage45 says:


    If you can afford it you should do it more often. You looked pretty happy! Thanks for the pictures!

  3. g2-e017b9cec622906f36bfea6f52be890d says:

    I recognize Tom and the rest but, who’s the old guy? Thanks for the pictures…..Steve Langton

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