Hybrid Woodworking by Marc Spagnuolo

I don’t usually do alot of reviews of books, and so forth , but this is an exception. I got Marc’s book, read thru it .

First off I enjoyed reading it.. the language and flow was nice and comfortable .

Now let me say after 40 some odd years of woodworking , I had experienced alot of what Marc had in the book. The neat part was seeing things I had actually not done or forgot about . There were also a few ,”why didn’t I think of that ” sort of thing .

The book basically shows you how power and hand tools interrelate , as well as provide techniques using either , or in combination.

Personally I think anyone would benefit from this book , and the newer you are to woodworking , the more so.

I actually refrained from doing this review until I could digest exactly what Marc had done. The book had a significant appeal to me, as well as numerous others who have come thru  my shop. I just couldn’t put my finger on the appeal. Woodworking always appeals to me, but there was something more, and I was missing it.

This morning between coats of finish , I picked up the book and started looking thru it again , and it hit me .

The book defines Marc’s own woodworking journey.

I’m not even sure if Marc realizes it .. but as I look and read thru the pages it became clear.. the little tricks and techniques are things he has learned and picked up through  his own journey . Whether  learned from others or thru experience , the book shows not only what he has learned but how he has been able to translate that into a concise direction for others .

The bottom line for me is the detail . We all know where the devil lives and it’s in the details .. Marc addresses those little details that can often be the difference in success and failure , as well as solutions when it all goes south .

I  think any woodworker of any skill level would not only enjoy the book but would also learn from it . I certainly did.

There are numerous reviews  of the book you can Google and they are all positive , this is just my .02 . I think Marc did a superb job , I encourage you to take a look , I think you will enjoy the book as I did.


Well Done Marc,




















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2 Responses to Hybrid Woodworking by Marc Spagnuolo

  1. Thanks for the kind review Charles. It really means a lot especially coming from someone with your extensive experience in the industry.

  2. Your welcome Marc, I just called it like I saw it .. The book is excellent !

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