Merry Christmas ( a little ramblin)

Just wanted to take some time out to thank all of you who have supported us, but mainly  to wish each of you a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you observe , this time of year . I hope it finds all of you well and hope you not only get a little shop time, but some good family time.

This has been an interesting year, It seems the harder we worked , the further behind we got. That’s not a new thing to anyone who works for themselves, it happens from time to time. The solution is “stay the course”, put blinders on and keep pushing forward. That’s exactly what we did , and things  have improved alot , I am happy to say.

It was just one of those years  where there was nothing major, just a culmination of small things , for me the biggest set back was the issues I had with a rotator cuff  in both shoulders,  that had me concerned, but now its much improved , we simply worked thru it , no surgery’s , just exercise and  taping them  ( google it , it works) .

When you have made your living all your life with your hands, and you find your self not being able to lift a router , or push wood thru a table saw , it gets a little scary . The doctors said I would have to have surgery on both shoulders, and would not be able to work for a good while . Well I wasnt going there so we just got creative and found another way.

I wrote all of that , because ‘ woodworking and life in general . If  something isn’t working , push on!  Find another solution.

We often joke about how many times through the years we have had to reinvent ourselves . It’s never too late to try something new or to learn another way.

Moving forward we have alot of things in motion, in-house classes may return, I enjoy them , but this facility makes it difficult, we are looking to remedy that perhaps . There in lies a point, 10 years ago I would have never thought I would be teaching classes, doing videos , writing a book and so forth.

We are also working on some new products, ( finishing) and perhaps next year we will have them ready. I have developed a disdain for all the confusion and poor products  in the finishing world. So perhaps we can simplify  it , that’s the goal.

Well , I have rambled on enough , and have plenty of work to do, I am filming for the finishing class, after months of working with some products, its time to take a look at them.

Once again, I want to wish all of you our best, from all of the gang .







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1 Response to Merry Christmas ( a little ramblin)

  1. Mike B. says:

    Same to you Charles and to your family. I’m glad to hear things are smoothing out for you.
    One of the highlights of my 2013 was taking your finishing class in Rockville. I learned a lot and apply that to all of my projects. Thank you for that!

    Enjoy the holidays.


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