New Finishing Book, Doing Well …………

Irrespective of how much time and effort goes into a project, you can never be sure how it will accepted . For me , If I am building a project, the clients acceptance was always the definitive conclusion. I never had alot of issue with that, but writing a book for me was definitely a “fish out of water ” experience.

Knowing how to do something and being able to translate it into the written word  for many people is not difficult , and of course subject matter makes a huge difference. Take a cookbook for example, you give the recipe for a particular dish and the instruction and you have it .

Finishing is another matter,  the variables and endless possibilities made it seem impossible.

What we did was  narrow it all down and show the techniques and products that have always worked, irrespective of being a professional or hobbiest , they simply work .

We directed the book toward the hobbiest,  the guy or gal out in their garage or down in their base ment. I think we succeeded.

The book is just now arriving to folks, and almost all of them have been shipped, and we continue . We have already had to order in the second printing , and it should be here next week. So those who have ordered, it will ship ASAP .

For those of you who have received the book , and sent us your assessment, I want to thank you , that’s what make’s us be able to help you.

That is also what made it possible to write the book we did. Over the last 6 or 7 years ,I have answered thousands of emails from folks who wanted direction , but mostly who were in trouble , from following some incorrect advice or using an inferior product  and often both. Those emails gave me a direct in site into the hobbiest world, and the issues they faced, and when they sought advice, sometimes they got good advice, but more often than not they didn’t.

I am pleased to say thus far the reviews have been excellent , and if you have a comment ,please post it .

If you have an interest in the book here is a link to it

Again I want to thank everyone who patiently waited for it to be done , and those who have supported us through the years .





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