Finishing Book Shipping … It Has Been a Battle !

Well I must say that  writing this finishing book, has to rank up there with one of the hardest things I have ever done .

I just wasn’t ready for the world as I knew it to change, but it did. We wanted to make sure we had tested every thing that went in the book, every product and procedure , and we did , and thats when things took a sharp turn . Products we had used forever  had been reformulated , and were nothing like their former self. All the manufactures were scrambling to meet  stricter VOC regulations .

I have used a conversion varnish for over 10 years , and never had an issue,  I finished a big mahogany Bombe chest on chest, with in a couple of weeks it cracked, the finish looked like spider webs or  a thin sheet of ice  you stepped on.I contacted the manufacture, they came looked at it and as typical “it was too much finish”,( thats the #1 excuse always) so they tested it and I watched, it was NOT too much finish, and they admitted it, finally they admited they didn’t have a clue, but went on to say that the product had been re-formulated and had a new catalyst . I knew when it cracked the catalyst was too “hot” , meaning it over cured the finish . So after all the BS about how they will help me with the re-do , and waiting 2 months to get some one to answer what they intended to do, I was told by the VP of sales, that his reports said it was applied too heavy . I had a few choice words for him, and as is typical with finish companies they did nothing . So that ended a long relationship with Gemini Coatings .

That is but one example, I also had an issue with a Sherwin Williams Conversion Varnish, which again I have never had an issue before, but instead of cracking it lifted, the data sheet said it had no recoat window. A recoat window  means there is a point that the finish is not cured enough for another coat to go over,  basically it means the next coat can try to melt in to the previous and if  first coat is at a certain state , rather than “burn” in it wrinkles it. Thats what happened here, so we had to strip a massive walnut couter top. They have since changed the data sheet,  and in this case I did 3 coats in one day , I had done other pieces where I did 2 coats in one day and the 3rd the following day with no issue, but this told me the finish had a quirk.

During all this I had some folks emailing me, with all sorts of issues with water base finishes and on and on it went. So for the last year , while also  doing the Mastering Woodworking show and the new On line finishing class , as well as client work, we have been going as hard as possible to get all the testing and so forth done and up to date for the book, and FINALLY its done and is shipping as we speak.

I litterly feel that a 10,000 lb weight has been lifted off my shoulders, it just consumed every day  of my life, I could not think of much else.

Its done .

So now I am looking forward to adding to the finishing class, and I must say I have certainly been re-educated to the new finishes. All I will say is that is you will be spraying water-base products before you know it, and thats a promise. Depending on where you live , right now you can’t buy any solvent or oil base  products , and even some waterbase products are banned. Its going to be interesting , but between the book and the on line class , we will keep you up to date.

Hey ! did you know some finishes are designed to allow moisture to penetrate them , but it also will let it escape … yea , me neither.

Just wanted to let ya’ll know I was still alive and still wrestling with the demons of the finishing amd wood working world, and while hard fought , We won thus far.

Catch ya Later ,Be safe

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