The Geeks Have Attacked Once Again

Not even sure if you guys can get to this blog, but overnight, the third party we use for our shopping cart did a changeover to a different server.  All seemed well this morning, but all is not well; all of a sudden, if you try to go to our site using or try to access one of the forums, you are sent to an ‘under construction’ page.  Not good.

Well, after the last 30 minutes on the phone again, we think it is solved but it has to cycle through several places to become effective.  We are sorry but had no clue, hopefully everything will be back to normal in the morning.


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1 Response to The Geeks Have Attacked Once Again

  1. Sherri says:

    Last nights fix….didn’t work. Currently, our emails, and are not working. Also, the general forum and the mastering woodworking forum are not working. We are still working on the issues but unfortunately, there is a ‘wait and see’ time factor when some of the changes have been made. If you need to contact us, please use the general email

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