We’ve Been Busy!

Wow, can’t believe it has been so long since we wrote….but we’ve just been that busy!

Last week we had a “Finishing A to Z Class” here in our shop, then helped Woodcraft of Rockville, MD celebrate their Grand Re-Opening on Sunday, returned on Monday and trying to get some client pieces finished as well as this week’s show filmed, some additional Finishing On-Line Class videos done and our final “Finishing A to Z Class” is next week (there is still a couple of slots open if you can make it to the class). As we wrote in an email to everyone, this Fall will be the last classes we hold at our shop in New Market. We will still travel to do classes, but with the DVDs, On-Line Video Class and the Book, Finishing Simply Put (which is finally in the final stage and we hope to be shipping in about 3 weeks) we feel that we are able to bring you as much as we can without the cost of travelling here. I assure you though, the guys who have been to the class here agree that there is nothing like ‘hands on.’ So in the coming years, as our class goes on the road, we may be coming to a location near you! (Sherri is hoping for the Woodcraft in Hawaii to schedule one!)

I want to make sure all of you guys know that CP Johnson Lumber is holding a “Annual Fall Kick-Off Woodworking Season” Sale on Saturday, September 14th!
Here’s the link to learn more I won’t be able to make it over, but if you have the opportunity, he’s got some great bargains!


Finally, the router bits arrived for my signature Dovetail Jig Set. We have shipped all the pre-ordered ones and have 10 Full sets available for immediate shipment. For those of you who already have them, we have extra 5/8″, 3/4″ and (2) 7/8″ bit sets available to purchase through our stores.


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2 Responses to We’ve Been Busy!

  1. Mike Kratky says:

    Any update on the release of the very long awaited finishing book ?

  2. LeonardB says:

    I attended the Sept. 5-7 finishing class and let me tell you folks, Charles is quite right in saying “there is nothing like hands on.” I learned more about finishing during this class than in years of ‘trial and error’ attempts. If you can get to this last class you will not regret it. Thanks again Charles!

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