Technical Difficulty

Good Morning, we are experiencing a technical issue with the ‘On-Line Finishing Class’ for those of you who use Windows 8 and/or Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.  Several of you have contacted us stating that when you click on a video, you get a white box instead of the video but you had previously accessed them with no problem.

This seems to have happened around July 31st.  In contact with both the host companies for the videos and our web site, it seems that the video coding is correct but something changed at our web site hosting company that is stripping the proper code from the site, they are investigating but to date I have not received an answer.

Very frustrating that this is beyond my control but I am sticking with them to get it resolved, we will keep you posted.

Again, this seems to effect only those using Windows 8 and IE 10.


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3 Responses to Technical Difficulty

  1. Jay Highland says:

    Just in case this helps you figure out something.
    If I read your post correctly I should have problems viewing O-LFC videos. I do not have any problems, and I checked again this AM. All OK.
    I am using WIN7-SP1 and IE v10.0.9200.16635.

  2. Funny you should send this out. This is when I had my networked hacked. It would not play the video from your site and said I needed to down load the flash player and and from that time on I had problems. I would check the security of your site information. May not be a coincidence? Bob

  3. Sherri says:

    Bob, the issue is not a security one, the issue is that the host of our web site is not fully compliant with html5 video codes that the new Windows 8 Operating System and IE 10 require. The big dogs at Microsoft are working on a fix but are not promising anything anytime soon. The videos play using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Browsers, just not IE10.

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