Spread the Word

We continue to plug away adding videos to the On-Line Finishing Class.  For those of you who subscribe, please spread the word about the class.  If you are a member of a Guild, member of on-line forums and so forth.  Please let others know.  We hear from many of you about how much you are gaining from belonging to the web site and we know there are many other woodworkers out there who would too, if only they knew about it.  We try every way we can to spread the word, but sometimes, getting the word out on the internet requires folks with more knowledge that we have (and definitely more money!) to do the internet ad campaigns.  Won’t you tell a friend or two?  Thanks!

Charles & Sherri

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4 Responses to Spread the Word

  1. Thomas Tieffenbacher aka DocSavage45 says:

    Doing my best to do just that! I always give credit to the source! Best of luck!

  2. Sherri you should set up an affiliate program pay $5 or $10 dollars to anyone that sends you a subscriber, lots of people have blogs and web sites and easy to set up. Bob

  3. vrema01 says:

    done. Thanks Charles!

  4. LeonardB says:

    The membership of Western Ohio Woodworkers has been informed and have the URL.

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