Pre-Color Conditioner – Special Web Page

Hey Everyone,

I am working on adding a page to our web site – devoted to Charles’ Pre-Color Conditioner.  The page is not accessible from the site yet, but thought I’d ask some of you to give it a spin.  I have the video Charles made when we first introduced the product in April of 2010 and have it setup in a format that allows you to post a review so that others looking at the product don’t have to go to 20 different places to get information.  Thought that I might add some frequently asked questions/answers also, but until there are some entries, I really can’t tell how it will look…, if you have used the product before, go to the link below and post a review/comment and then I will be able to work more with the page having real comments from real woodworkers.

Here is the link:

Your input is valuable when we are trying to get pages like this set up.



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4 Responses to Pre-Color Conditioner – Special Web Page

  1. Could not be located?

  2. This is the error I get when I click the link

  3. Sherri says:

    Try again.I think it was a timing thing, hadn’t fully processed yet.

  4. Thanks for checking out the page – I have completed some updating to it today to include a ‘general’ FAQ page. If you have some general questions about the product that you think should be included in the FAQ, please email me directly at Thanks again.

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