Fall Finishing Class at Our Shop

Greetings to Everyone!  Last week we announced a Finishing Class to be held the weekend of September 19-21.  This class has almost filled, so if you were wanting a spot, please get registered asap.  Also, we received several emails from woodworkers who wanted to come but that weekend isn’t available for them so we are looking at adding one more.  If you want to come to a class in the Fall, and the September date does not look good for you, please check your calendar for the two weekends prior or the two weekends after these dates and see if they work for you, email me as soon as possible at sherri@charlesneilwoodworking.com and I will get back to you if we are able to schedule a class that fits for you.

Have a great week.

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1 Response to Fall Finishing Class at Our Shop

  1. Gemma Meier says:

    It is midwinter here in Grong Grong Australia, and tomorrow my kids and I are going to make the five board bench….and maybe the next day..and maybe the next day!! Gemma

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