Finishing Class Forum Now Online

Hey Guys, CameraGirl here. Charles has been filming nonstop for weeks (Sherri & I are doing are best to catch up with all of the editing & uploading!) and he’s now got the Online Finishing Class forum (for subscribers) up and has posted a question. He asked me to drop ya’ll a blog, as “no one ever responds to him when he posts” (his words), so please, go check it out, post something so he doesn’t feel like I’m the only one who ever has a question. 🙂

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10 Responses to Finishing Class Forum Now Online

  1. Bob Egbert says:

    I’ve been watching each one that’s there from the beginning, great stuff Charles and nice work on the editing girls.

  2. Monte West says:

    I already ask you a question about finishing.
    Are you going to have a seperate Forum for Finishing?

  3. a49model says:

    Charles, you are a talker, I’m a pay attentioner. A lot of things I learn by paying attention. And I do read your blogs.

  4. Bill Wayland says:

    Geezer is here. Class is really great because I can’t remember all the details from the live class, and this is a quick way too get right to the subject and review. The live class is also great because it’s hands on and face to face which can’t be replaced. I’ve also got the DVD’s which I review at the beginning of a project, but again, this is faster for a quick answer. That said, noth’in like waking Charles up at 2am to ask him a question.

  5. Jim Pell says:

    I just finished watching the series on “Sanding Tricks with Ed O’Roark”…..What a wealth of information on sanding… using these little tricks, you’ll avoid dreaded mistakes and certainly speed up the process of sanding. Great job Ed and Charles….

  6. This whole finishing class is another one of your great ideas Charles and it has good coverage of all of the details and tips and tricks .like Bill even though you have given me much advise in video form or through e-mail it doesn’t always stick in the old grey mater.
    I don’t know if it can be done but if you could put a “previous & next button” on the videos it would make it easier to view each category one after the other ,rather than having to return to the main finishing page after watching each video. Once the finishing book is out maybe you could put what page number the same subject is covered in the book listed on the video , I don’t know if those ideas are doable or not but they would be a good upgrade. I realize your still putting all this together and that you may be making changes after you have the all of the categories in place.
    This is an unparalleled and fantastic collection of finishing processes and know how offered no where else that I’m aware of.thanks for this great class.

  7. david sanders says:

    I have just “joined” this morning, but I have been asking Charles questions, which he graciously answers every time. I am excited about being a part of this and listening and learning….thank you Charles….

  8. Bill Wayland says:

    Hello, back at ya. how do you like the finishing class and forum?

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