On Line Finishing Class Begins NOW !!!

Those of you who have subscribed to the on line finishing class, we are beginning to get some videos up. So go check it out.

We are starting at the beginning, and are breaking it up as much as possibe , thus the short videos, we wanted to keep it topic specific, so that we have alot of smaller videos , so it can be indexed better and you can go to a specific topic without having to wade thru alot of material. Check it out and let us know what you think. There are just a few up, and these are the basic stuff, but we are getting there, and will have a ton more to go   Alot of actual project finishing pieces will be filmed as well , and walked through. I am enjoying doing this, , and I hope it will help alot of folks.

Did I mention its in stereo as well 🙂


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8 Responses to On Line Finishing Class Begins NOW !!!

  1. For you guys who use headphones/earbuds. Although it is not true stereo, I think that I have successfully put audio on a double track so that you will get sound from both left and right. If this is the case, we will start doing it in the weekly show as well but I need to hear from ya’ll to tell me it makes a difference ’cause it ain’t easy! Sherri

  2. I thought this started June 1st???????????????????

  3. g2-e017b9cec622906f36bfea6f52be890d says:

    Stereo ? Geeze! I was just getting used to listening to Charles in my left, sometimes right, ear. That’s great !

  4. Serge Courchesne says:

    Hi Sherri

    What i am getting here from the left is Charles speaking and from the right only hissing sound

  5. deltoune says:

    Thanks i checked and it was my plug that was playing games on me

  6. Bob Egbert says:

    I am up to “Raised Panels & Chatoyance” GOOD STUFF. French huh, go figure. No pun intended.

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