Need Your Help……

Hey Everyone, it’s Sherri here….

In setting up the new ‘Finishing Site’ I did a few style changes,  just discovered that it systematically changed each and every page, removing the bars on the right with all of the links.  I just happened to notice it and am in the process of changing each one back to the way it was suppose to be!

That’s where I need your help, I am not a computer geek nor do we have an IT department.  I kind of learn how to do these things when required and sometimes I might mess something up in the process.  If you see anything change that you don’t think was intentional, please email me at  By the way, that’s our new general email address.  We have to switch our other email accounts and so we have set up the new one to get folks used to using it.

We’ve filmed a day of the finishing videos, I think 8 or 9 in all, I will begin processing and uploading and Crystal and Charles will continue to film.  If you have subscribed, you will see videos begin appearing as they are finished, just a perk for registering early.

We have extended the $10.00/month special price through May 31st if anyone missed the window last week, you can use the links in the email you received or you can subscribe from our web site.  Click Here to go to the ‘Learn More-Subscribe!’ Page

It seems that there are never any comments when I hijack the blog, I understand….but if you do have anything that you would like to suggest to make the site friendlier, please feel free to comment.

Again, I learn as the need arises so you may have a great idea that may take me a little time to figure out how to make it work.

Have a blessed day!

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3 Responses to Need Your Help……

  1. Carl L. gets a big shout out THANK YOU! Seems that everyone who had subscribed were now editors and could edit anything on the web site. Fixed!

  2. Stumpy Nubs says:

    I’m commenting because Sherri says nobody ever does when she hijacks the blog and I felt bad for her. I have nothing constructive to add, only my kind and compassionate nature.

  3. Sherri says:

    Robert, the additional quart was shipped out yesterday and I am sincerely sorry about the error in shipping. I also sent and email yesterday to the address you list in this comment. It is on the way.

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