On Line Class Outline

here is my basic outline of the online class, will be adding as we go, thought I would post it for other suggestions:

As I  mentioned we will also have an interactive forum.

Class outline:

Prepping to finish:


trace coating

trace coating to enhance figure

Grain filling

Repairing Defects:




Building to finish:


easy access


large project flow/handling


The difference

application   hand/spray

tuning/tweaking colors

oils/gels/water base/ alcohol base

premade dyes vs mixed dyes

color layering

tone coating

Finishing thin veneers


Oil finishes

solvent finishes

water-based finishes

commercial finishes


Plywood /solid wood matching

Popping/  enhancing the grain


Grain fillers



Blotch Control



Floating ( water, alcohol )

Finish application:

spray versus wipe

how to spray

using a brush/pad

wipe on finishes

mid-coat sanding

sand through’s

dealing with runs /drips/mistakes


spraying with compressed air

spraying with turbine systems

how to adjust spray guns

spraying outside

spray booth requirements

improvising a spray booth

Finishing the finish:

rubbing out

thin over coating

Safety equipment:


eye/hearing protection

home/confined area application

Repairing finishes :

nicks /scratches

White rings

scuff marks

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7 Responses to On Line Class Outline

  1. Carl says:

    Glazing (yes, sir… I CAN glaze now, thank you 🙂 )

  2. Jmcdwyer says:

    This sounds amazing. I’m sure based on everything else that you do it will be!! Thanks for the teams hard work.

  3. Norm Reid says:

    I’d be interested in finishing a hand planed surface and how that differs from a sanded surface, especially with dyes.

  4. Jim Arnold says:

    Charles this really sounds good. If there is a place here to sign up for this, I can’t find it. “Home” just keeps bringing me back here.


  5. here you go Jim we are still getting all this set up http://www.cn-woodworking.com/finishing-class/

  6. BeachBum says:

    Will you have a yearly rate, I just like to pay things up by the year. Just me 🙂

  7. Gerry Rovner says:

    Hi Charles,
    All signed up and really looking forward to the class. The outline looks comprehensive, and, for me, when trying to put down a fine finish, the processing sequence has always been tough.

    I did notice you have grain fillers and filling in several places. If you want, I would be happy to share my experience with aqua coat on my Mahogany Chest of Drawers.

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