Blotch Control Forever!!!!

002Does somebody out there know something we don’t know?  This week I have received emails from two different people who asked, “If something happens to Charles, where will I get blotch control?”  

Just so everyone knows.  We have two generations following us who have the formula and CNW Pre-Color Conditioner will live forever! Of course, if you have an extra million laying around, we’d be glad to sell you the formula!

On April 10, 2010 we introduced the product and three years later, the sale of this product continues to grow.  New users and old users alike, every day.  This year to date we have sold 60% more than last year to date!  It works and will be forever available.  Just wanted to let ya’ll know that we’re thinking about you and you will always be able to get your quart of Pre-Color Conditioner.

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5 Responses to Blotch Control Forever!!!!

  1. Mike Kratky says:

    Don’t have an extra million laying around, but we can barter for some great sea food (I know your weakness).

  2. Bill Wayland says:

    speaking of sea food, when can we get Tuna Oil?

  3. Gerry Rovner says:

    This is good to know, and the Blotch Control works REALLY well,
    BUT, Charles, I’d prefer that you stick around……….

  4. deltoune says:

    LOL yep no million here but maybe some excellent Montreal smoke meat sandwiches

  5. Mark says:

    Good to know, caus that’s some good s…..tuff! I cannot believe how well it works. If you could just get every woodworker to just ‘try it’, you would have every woodworker for LIFE!

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