Finishing Class On Line and Stuff

 Sherri is putting together a newsletter to go out, updating everyone on the Finishing book and Dovetail Jigs. Everything will be shipping very shortly.

For some time we have talked about doing the finishing class on-line, and while doing the book, we filmed alot of topics , and have decided to go for it . As I did the book, I kept thinking no matter how well you photograph , sometimes even that doesn’t give the full experience. The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is true but a moving one is worth millions.

The other thing is while your able to show the technique and desired result in a book, that ” being there ” thing makes a huge difference.

The other thing with the class we get to do that we don’t  get to do even in on site class is to do actual pieces in real world, especially large complex pieces.

I will let Sherri explain more in the news letter , but I am excited to do this.

We field so many emails on finishing, and trying to explain and re-explain and take photos and all to help folks, has gotten to a point it could almost be a full-time job.With the class and having it indexed and broken down into specific topics and techniques, it allows us to not only have a resource for  folks to get the answers but see it happening’ It also allows us to address far more topics and also allows us to add to , and maintain the newest products  and techniques. I really like that, because they keep evolving and changing.

Hey we even have  “stump finishing” 🙂


Watch for the news letter coming later today, and be safe

PS if your not on our email list got to the main page and sign up






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3 Responses to Finishing Class On Line and Stuff

  1. Leonard Beasley says:

    This is a great idea Charles, I’m all for it. These days, I just can’t seem to get away from work long enough to attend a traditional class. It is likely many others are in the same boat. To me, finishing is an important and necessary part of building furniture. I can easily slap a coat of box store stain and poly on a piece and it will look good … but it won’t look great. I want MY pieces to look great and that ain’t gonna happen if I don’t know the best way to apply a finish. In a weekly show a year or two ago, you said ‘if you can’t finish, you can’t sell your furniture’ and I believe that is true. That’s why I was among the first to join the New Online Finishing Class.

    Will this class have a dedicated Q & A forum?

  2. Yes it will have a forum, and additionally if we have a topic that need more attention we can film and add it .I am excited to do this

  3. Gerry Rovner says:

    I’m really looking forward to the calls. I do have 3 of your finishing videos, but with all the help you so generously gave me during my Chest of Drawers build, I know I can learn a lot more. Thank you for doing this!

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