Stump Table aka Swamp Art

As ya’ll know, awhile back I finished a free-form Walnut slab. The big question – now what? I couldn’t see putting a plain, tapered leg under this beautiful piece of wood, so I got me an idea… a tree stump coffee table! The “powers that be” (aka the girls) didn’t like the idea of a single stump in the middle, so I thought about it some and decided that two stumps would be even better, joined together by a branch. So I glued a BUNCH of scraps together…literally , just junk. In retrospect I could have used some cheap “Tuba fores” and it would have been easier, but this worked, there is maple , cherry, yellow pine and poplar all glued together .Then using a “Lancelot” and” Holy Gallad” I went to sculpting. The inspiration for the stump was the bald cypress one finds in the swamps of south eastern US, I have fished around  many a one.

I used a light brown dye that closely matched the walnut slab and just lightly sprayed very light coats so as to create the shadows, and then topcoated, and a little glaze and another top coat. I did sand the stump as best I could to “sorta” smooth out the sharp facets, and give it a decent feel when finished .
This was fun project and everyone who has seen it, really liked it. Got some “substantial” offers for it, but it was claimed by camera girl early on , but can definitely make more.
This is just an example of getting a little creative and having some fun , try one you will enjoy.

Be safe and get creative






… started power carving, rounding the hard edges with an orbital sander…




…and mortise & tenoned the branch in the bottom as well as under the tabletop for support…




IMAG2126 (1)




…much sawdust later, I finished the stumps by spraying, hitting heavier in some areas and lighter in some to give it a more natural look. The bird’s nest underneath added character and something a bit whimsical…




…and CameraGirl brought her truck today to be able to take it home. Hopefully she’ll get us some photos of it in her house.

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11 Responses to Stump Table aka Swamp Art

  1. Thomas Tieffenbacher says:


    As always, a great piece! I like the laminated build up.


  2. Steve Langton says:

    Mighty fine Charles. Lot’s of hard work

  3. Stumpy Nubs says:

    There’s nothing like a good stump!

  4. captferd says:

    Beautiful. Wish I had a fraction of your talent.

  5. Bill White says:

    Mr. Neil, you’re scarin’ me ’cause you might be learnin’ sompin’ from the Stumpster. 🙂
    As always, very well done.

  6. Stumpy Nubs says:

    I don’t know what looks better, the project, or the row of routers on the shelf in the background! Do you have one for each bit?

  7. Dezri Dean says:

    What a sneaky little bugger you are! 😀

  8. Joe Lyddon says:

    Cool Stumpy table!
    It really looks like it FUN to make too… No errors possible… just Happy accidents!
    Make a bad slip… roll with the punches & turn it into something else!
    … a real FUN way to do it!

    Thank you for working Outside the Box… (for a little change)
    I like all of the ways you think about this stuff…

  9. John Ormsby says:

    Well that is one heck of a nice table Charles !!!! I didn’t know you had it in you.
    I know what is going to happen with some of the scraps I have sitting around.
    You are a Great Inspiration Charles.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Jim Pell says:

    Pictures can’t do this object justice…It was drop dead gorgeous. To watch Charles take glued blocks of wood and create this beautiful table was a marvel.

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