Saying Good Bye to the Goat-Tee

Well as most know I grew a goat-tee , decided to try it , think I am done. I still have not gotten used to it . Feels like I need to wash my face or have food on my chin, not a good feeling. It is also sticky when I sleep. I  had a full beard many years ago, for a year or 2 , but for the most part have always been clean-shaven  . So its bye- bye . 🙂

The best part was I could go a day without shaving and it wasn’t noticeable, but thus far that has seemed to be the only advantage , ( laughing)

I know alot of guys who have had beards and goat-tees all their life, I guess you eventually get used to it, but thus far that hasn’t been my experience.

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8 Responses to Saying Good Bye to the Goat-Tee

  1. Monte West says:

    I have not seen you yet, but I know you look younger. If you waited to summer it would have worried you all the time with the heat and wet air. Don’t ask how I know, but it had to go.

  2. Carl says:

    Hey, if you eat as politely as you glue, I’m sure there’s some leftovers from last week in it! :o)

  3. Steve L says:

    Darn, I guess I gotta shave mine off now too…………

  4. Lim Peacock says:

    I thought it made you look like one of them there high falootin Hollywood starlets. :0)

  5. Jeff Fleisher says:


  6. Bill Wayland says:

    Well the last time I saw it, there was this BIG shiner on your left eye and the combo was not good. I agree with Monte, you’ll look younger and I think less likely to get into a brawl…… with a fence post. Now Jeff and I are fuzz faced. looks good on Jeff he’s young and not gray. I on the other hand am gett’n more Geezery by the day. don’t know what would be worse gray covering wrinkles or just wrinkles. So, grab that razor and get-r-done and post a picture so we can all pick on you some more.

  7. bob says:

    stop drooling at night and it will not be sticky in the morning. bob

  8. I guess we have to excommunicate you from the HFWWG”hairy faced wood working gents ” club.:))

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