More Contest Thoughts

In this week show we do a simple “Pouting Chair”.   I think this would be a good beginning woodworker piece, with the emphasis being on designing your own design.

I haven’t come up with an intermediate project just yet thinking about something like A Shaker Herb Cupboard…1c.1.4.psy-ab.KGL8eGD1VjE&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.42661473,d.dmQ&fp=53efdd2ca6698dcf&biw=1311&bih=565

with the emphasis on this being to create an old antique looking finish and perhaps build it with hand tools only 🙂

Then I’m thinking of doing the Jefferson lap desk as an advanced project

I have not ran any of these past The Girls , and feel sure there will possibly be some opposition to having three separate contest.  However considering the diversity  of folks that we have I think it may be warranted here .Again just throwing out ideas ..  I know Sherri is trying to firm up prizes specifically.  So stay tuned and will see how it all comes together.

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1 Response to More Contest Thoughts

  1. Bill Wayland says:

    If you would pick things that Crystal and Sherri want and promise to reproduce the winner in each category for them, they’d run 49 contests, no questions asked.
    OOPs, I forgot to ask if I can pick on them, or just you?

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