Heading South !

As I’ve mentioned, Saturday morning I’m headed south, first to Murrells Inlet, just south of Myrtle Beach South Carolina, to visit with some good friends and woodworkers that I met when they took my class. Then Sunday I’m heading to Charleston South Carolina, and Mary Mays carving class.

As I have also mentioned this is the first time I’ve ever taken any type of woodworking class, I am definitely looking forward to being on the other side of the isle for a change.

Jeff Fleisher has been over turning some bass wood finials for practice blanks. I turned some using my Vega duplicator and no matter what I did or how gentle I went I kept getting tear out. I had already turned some out of walnut, mahogany and flame Birch and with no issue but this bass wood, it certainly didn’t turn as well as I would’ve expected. So I decided I would just turn them larger and then wipe a little Timbermate in the tearout and return and all would be good. Wrong!

When I put the finials back on the lathe the Timbermate dulled my cutter instantly. I certainly was not expecting that but then I thought about it, Timbermate is a silica-based, a.k.a. sand. Lesson learned.

So Jeff turned some and went even slower than I did and left them over size and then finished them out by hand. He got to use some of my new Easy Wood turning tools, they are nice.

Today I’m finishing up a cherry desk, and have been resawing some Macassar Ebony and Walnut for some really cool contemporary pieces we are doing. I will show some of these in the show as well as here on the blog, the Walnut piece we will be doing some metal string and berry inlay and the ebony is just going to be insane .

One of the other things on this trip I am looking forward too is some quiet downtime to finalize the book, it’s been a long journey but worth it I think.

That’s about all I have for now, just a reminder this  is the fifth Thursday so there’s no  show today. Then we have two more shows on the clock  then we get to tear into some less complicated and a lot more fun stuff. I am really looking forward to that.

I’ve read some of your suggestions and I think they’re great, I’m not sure I want to build an entire door :-), but we can definitely show you how .

What guess I’ve got to get back to work, we will be working right up to the time we leave. So everyone be safe and we will chat with I get back.

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3 Responses to Heading South !

  1. a49model says:

    A Plantation desk would be a nice project. I need something to put my computer on…or in.

  2. vwturtle13 says:

    Have fun and enjoy the class. Look foward to hearing about it.

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