Been Going Hard – Show Clock Done!

As normal we’ve been going full blast. Getting the book finally completed and the show clock over and done has been quite a challenge, but we have prevailed. There are still a few little things to be done but the tough part is over finally.

I’m not so sure this clock build was the best idea, it has drawn out much further than I anticipated. However if you have followed along hopefully you learned how to think a little differently and would not be intimidated to try something new. The clock offered up a lot of challenges, but we met them and overcame them. That was the intent of this build.

You should see the semi final show the second week of February. I say semi final because we will still have to install the door and carved the shell as well as some final assembly and install the mechanisms. It will take me several weeks to finalize the clock and be ready to do this.

The next show or series of shows we’re going to have some fun. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the long build series they need a break. So like I told you we’re going to do some quick fast and fun projects. We’re going to be hand planning, distressing, antiquing and making some quick projects that being particular isn’t required :-).

I know we have a lot of moms, dads, granddad’s, grandmothers so we’re going to start with making a “Pouting Chair”, which also doubles as a stepstool. I can tell you we have made numerous of these and they are a big hit. Then I think we may do a “Dough Box”, which is what was used to store flour, mix dough, and store the dough for it to rise. Today they make excellent storage as well as unique file chest. Then I think will do a Porringer table with scalloped apron, turned Cabriolet leg.

Basically all of these projects are quick and fast, exactly what I’m looking for. If you have any suggestions I’m wide open. Then we will wrap up the clock and decide what we want to do next.

I’m going to be heading down to Charleston South Carolina February 4 – February 8 for a carving class with Mary May. Really looking forward to that, I have never taken a class on woodworking in my life. I know how to carve somewhat , but I feel sure she knows a lot more than me so I’m anxious to see how a professional does it.

So with all of that said we will be doing the clock shell carving and finials after I get back, 🙂

OK, time to quit typing and get these quarter columns done for the clock.Y’all be safe!

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7 Responses to Been Going Hard – Show Clock Done!

  1. DocSavage45 says:

    Sounds like your back. Enjoy the classes. How’s your writting hand? LOL! Take Care.

  2. Mark James says:

    Charles, First of all…… You are the Man!!!! Secondly, I noticed you were up for suggestions – Ever think about making a front entrance door from start to finish. I’m looking to tackle mine which has side lights. Dont have a clue as how I could pull it off with out watching an expert like yourself do it step by u step. Either way I’ll be watching you closey what ever your next project. Keep em’ comming

  3. Jim Dunbar says:

    Charles,You are indeed the man.Even though I did not build the clock I looked forward to every show.I was amazed at how clever you were in developing techniques to duplicate this clock to match the original .I learned a great deal .I like your new plans ;a few quick builds would be nice.But I must say I also like long builds.I think the spice chest build was my favorite .Keep it coming I’m enjoying every thing you do.

  4. Monte West says:

    Now you are on target. As you know I also did not build the “Clock”, but I have been learning how to do new things. You have built a “Pouting Chair” in the past, which looks interesting. ( There are times when one of my little girls need it.) I am not sure about the table. I need to see a picture. The “Dough Box” would make a nice End Table, and it looks like fun.
    I hope the show was not to bad up there.

  5. JanEgilS says:

    Still hoping for some picture frames…:-)
    As for the next ‘big’ build I would suggest a 4 post bed.

  6. Don says:

    I also didn’t build the clock but enjoyed every minute of the build. Learned lots of things that I can apply to other projects. Remember you were talking about building a few of those oval Shaker boxes.

  7. Parker says:

    I am classified as a beginner in my guild and deserve that rating. I joined your guild to learn, not necessarily to actually attempt advanced projects just yet. The clock guild has covered a wide range of technique and skill development. I know it took a lot out of you at times but in the long run you more then met you goals and aspirations. And yes, when I have a little more confidence I may even challenge the clock build. So, keep on trucking.

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