Wood Shopping !

There is nothing I enjoy more than shopping for wood, except perhaps planing it. There’s just something about watching a rough sawn piece of lumber come out the other end of a planer. For me that’s what gets the creative juices flowing.

Tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing. Me and a couple my buddies are headed out to do some serious wood shopping. I have three or four mills I’m hoping to hit. Hicksville, Northland Forest, C P Johnson to name a few. This is sort of “boys days out”

I got to tell you, as hard as we been slamming to get this book done, and try to keep up with everything else this is a welcome relief. Here lately feels like I live at the shop.

So I just wanted to stick my head in the door and let everybody know that email responses might be a little slow in coming. I’m not even taking a computer. Had enough of them too. 🙂

Also want to give everybody an update on the book, we’re getting there. All I can say is when I decided to rewrite, I basically said “the H***” with it and have totally unloaded all the guns. I don’t know of anything that’s not in the book, just to give you an idea we set up, prepped, photographed in excess of 700 photographs. Trashed numerous board feet of wood. But that’s what it took. Don’t have a definite date yet, should know more next week..

I do want to say again anyone who would like a refund just drop us an email and we will take care of it, no issue.

Ok, Everybody be safe and I’ll catch you next week.

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5 Responses to Wood Shopping !

  1. Carl says:

    Man, that sounds like a fun trip! Wish I could go! Wait, I AM going…later guys!

  2. Lim Peacock says:

    Sounds like fun!!

  3. bableck says:

    Happy wood hunting… Always a thrilling out!

    Just want to encourage the writing of you book even if you take more time to a hieve your personal standards. I took you classes at the Rockville Woodworkers Club and use you videos, but definitely look forward to your finishing compendium and “cut to the chase” summaries. I find myself referring to my finishing notes from you class each time I am trying to improve my finishing technique. I definitely like your style because it is you and not a polished corporate “eye wash” product .

    Just some personal encouragement from someone that appreciates your efforts and warm regards for a happy holiday season for you and your family.

  4. deltoune says:

    Hope that you had a good time like a kid in a candy store lol and for the book well that is why l like this community no BS your aint happy so lets redo the book LOL i love that one so when i receive it i will enjoy it more thanks for being a passionate woodworker and sharing your experience with us

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