Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays

My friend Steve Ramsey  did a fun video, with some folks you may recognize  enjoy



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6 Responses to Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays

  1. Rob says:

    That’s some funny stuff made me laugh

  2. Jeff fleisher says:

    Extremely funny! I was surprised at the number of woodworkers who were involved….everyone was a good sport!

  3. Mikega says:

    Hey if the woodworking thing doesn’t work out may be you could get a job a Comedy Central…….second thought maybe you better keep your day job.

  4. Jmcdwyer says:

    Very funny I enjoyed that😄

  5. Lim Peacock says:

    Loved it!!!

  6. That’s super funny as usual for anything Steve does , Merry Christmas to you Charles , Sherrie,crystal ,Eddie and the whole bunch of your friends and family., And to all the rest of the Charles Neil groupies.too.

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