Da Book ————- OH My My

My shoulders are FINALLY , feeling better. I just can’t believe it took months to get an appointment, had to go thru 3 doctors.

This was a simple injection, nothing serious, but with all the doctors becoming members of the bigger hospital corporations, they had numerous restrictions as to who could do what. Long story short , what my family doctor used to do now had to be done by an orthopedic doctor. Quite frustrating to say the least .

Well looks like I will run a bit late on the book, but hopefully not alot.   Its pretty simple, I wrote it, read it, trashed it!

I read it and agreed with some of the others who had read excerpts , it wasn’t me and it wasn’t what I set out to do .

My goal in this was to do HOW and not so much  about , there are dozens of books out there that tell you all about . It’s the HOW thing, that was what was missing,  so back to the legal pad and go again. I think we have it. In each chapter , which is based on one specific thing,  like water-bourn stains, or food safe finishes. Each has its own identity. Then comes the part I didn’t have.   At the end of each chapter we now have  ” Cuttin To The Chase” , this is where I tell you exactly what I personally do , and how and with what. Just my standard method of operation, issue’s you can have and avoiding them , and correcting if needed.

Now in case you didn’t know , I’m not what one would consider a good typist, speller , and my punctuation and grammar , well they a bit lacking as well.     Not to worry , I have the  ” Girls” , so all is good.

I answered a question on some forum, someone emailed me and ask if I would , so I did. In the course of the conversation someone made the commented I was writing the book.

Next thing I know , I get this scathing private message from the guy who had started the thread, just blasting me.  How could I possibly expect anyone to buy something I wrote, on running sentences , commas and so forth. He was very quick to tell me he would not be purchasing my book, and what a joke I was. I think I wrote about 10 lines answering the initial question. I feel sure I just typed it, and let it go without much concern over the punctuation.

I politely responded that my career had not involved alot of need for me to be proficient at writing. I then simply told him, that throughout my life one lesson I had learned , is that we all have flaws and weaknesses , but we also have strengths.  The smart person, recognizes that and we find others who strengths are our weaknesses, this is how we learn, this is how we progress. Thank God I have the Girls !!!!!

I guess however, the girls got tired of having to decipher my hand writing. I mean when Tung Oil becomes  Tuna Oil , you may have a problem . I could just see some guy heading to the grocery store, and buying out the shelf of tuna, to finish his entertainment center. Maybe not a good thing.So I get that Dragon ,speech recognition software, it does pretty good. My punctuation isn’t much better nor the grammar, but at least you can read the words, and it does spell a bit better than I. You do have to be careful , words like , it , hit, bit and anything else that is similar it can confuse until it gets used to you. If you quickly say  ” I hit it” , you need to be sure that’s what it typed, but it does work.

Have a great day and  be safe!

Catch Ya Later ,




















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9 Responses to Da Book ————- OH My My

  1. Monte West says:

    The book will be here when it correct. That’s the Charles way, and I would not think Charles would have it any other way. Keep moving ahead. I can design great Highways, but my spelling is like yours.
    I am very glad your shoulders are much better. Please take care of them.

  2. Pitbull says:

    I write a lot…some of which sounds good until you re read it days later. You will always be your own worst critic, especially if you are detail oriented. Nothing wrong with trashing your product. Better that than for you not to respect something you put out with your name on it.

    Besides…its not like this will be the first deadline you completely blew……..ha


    • your right Pitt ,I have missed a few deadlines and probably will again, its that compromise thing, just not worth a damn at it.
      The other thing, is I had the book pretty much water bourne, I expanded it, we have done oils, slabs, aging woods, distressing woods, painted projects, and so forth.
      We didnt just write it we tested every single thing, discovered some new and interesting things.
      then we decided to go for the solvent products like lacquers and so forth, there are alotof changes in these, total reformulations to meet VOC regulations , the same with alot of the oil products, its been quite interesting, we also got into the box store products, and came up with some pretty nice results.
      The book more than doubled in size, but its what it took, no compromise.

  3. Rob says:

    I glad my family doctor still gives shots for my shoulder it sure makes a difference when I get them. One of the things that drew me to you and your site (way back when you first started) you were and still are just a ordinary guy that works very hard at what ever you do so that it is the best possible product you could make if it has flaws so be it but you know you put your heart and soul in it and gave it your all and then some. You believe in what you teach now days that is not easy to find and I think everybody that has followed you knows that and respects you for it. The critics don’t really want to learn they just want to discuss it and argue about it and mostly be right. My grammar and spelling is so bad my family calls me archie bunker, you know your spelling is bad when spell checker can’t even fix it. I’m looking forward to reading your book,


  4. DocSavage45 says:

    Thanks for the update. I was wondering???? LOL! I understand you are doing it your way.

    Due to not having enough clients, every report I wrote was by me, on computer. Thought that I did a good job. HA,HA,HA,HA. When I worked for a clinic, I would have a typist who took my taped dictation. Then I had to review it….Did I say that? Sent it back with corrections.

    It’s clear “in my head.”! Just not on paper.

    Got the Dragon software original version, they are now advertising as understanding what you say.The person who could type was understood, but my diction and psychobabble was not. LOL! Really all voice recognition software is greatly improved. But it is another trhing to put on your plate.

    I have an editor, when I write, and I read it again after the document is edited, because when it is corrected, the meaning is changed.

    Gettin old sucks!


  5. Joe DeLong says:

    Charles, I think your videos are your book………………………………;-j

  6. Don says:

    Charles you make me laugh. I too have those pop up messages when spellcheck says “I don’t have a clue what you are trying to spell.” When my wife edits my grammar I don’t even recognize what I said. Glad your shoulder is feeling better. I am retired now and spend most of my time waiting in doctors offices. Amazing how well the medical profession can keep patching the wheels back on this old wagon. Don AKA Gpops

  7. deltoune says:

    LOL tuna oil well this is a first will try it in my next project a cat’s house


  8. Just catching up on your Blog ,glad your shoulders better. The spelling grammar things is not my strong suite either I’d be up a creek without my wonderful wife’s help., Your tuna oil statement rings lots of bells here; My poor wife is either saying what the heck is this ? or laughing at misspelled words that make a sentence mean a whole new direction.

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