DVD’s, Pirates and Starfish

First let me thank everyone for their comments, and I agree piracy is an issue, or can be, however, I really don’t think it’s as big an issue as is let on, We have had our share pirated as well, but we also have sold a lot of DVD’s and continue to, the thing that makes piracy work, is it takes 2 thieves, and despite your best efforts you can’t stop a thief. That said, I will not allow a thief to stop me or you, They can buy any DVD we make and pirate it and there’s not a lot that can be done except refuse to buy the stolen content, but we all know how that goes.

The biggest thing with the DVD’s vs. the show is that it allows for more instruction, that simple.  DVD classes allow us to address simpler projects, and specific projects, like the Tilt Top Table, and so forth, and it’s not intended to replace the hands on class, it just opens it up for folks who can’t attend the classes.  For us it expands our base and reach and for you it does the same.  The other thing it will do for us is that it will allow us, like we now do with the finishing class, is have folks watch the class , then when they get here they have a good solid foundation that we can build on.

One of my main reasons for looking into doing this has been the number of emails saying  how many wish they could come to a class, but for many varied reasons they can’t, that’s the biggie for me, So this allows an alternative, again we are about education and trying to help, it’s not all business!

Here is the way we see it :

An older gentleman was walking along the beach when he saw a young boy picking up Starfish and throwing them back into the ocean, the man noticed there were hundreds of them , he said to the little boy,  ” Why bother , there are so many, you can’t get them all back, so what does it matter “,  as the young boy threw a Starfish back into the ocean, he looked at the man and said,  “Well it mattered to that one “!

Catch ya Later, be safe

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2 Responses to DVD’s, Pirates and Starfish

  1. DocSavage45 says:

    Due to my present schedule and need to make money, I am watching your router DVD while eating my late night dinner before going to bed. I appreciate that you are demonstrating errors.so I will not. LOL! I’ve watched the first and second discs twice now. It becomes clearer the second time and is making sense.

    I appreciate the editing that reduces extra information, as I am the new guy with construction carpentry skills thinking about jigs which will make my work easier if I take the time to make them.

    When I do counselling I ask if the person I am seeing is a reader of any sort as some are not. Reading material and talking about it as well as our practicing a new skill makes it go faster. Been doing this for thirty plus years and evolved my go slow, keep it simple attitude. Use to throw many things at folks to help them learn. Just confused them and overwhelmed them.

    Now I look for the deer in the headlights daze….LOL! I ask at the beginning and end of my sessions about what stood out and what they used. Had a client tell me..I have seen a number of therapists over the past four years. I improved about 2% doing it this way I have improved 50%.

    So I Keep it as simple as I can, expect that this is totally new learning and it takes awhile to do it differently.

    The chair DVD was the best! No source was that comprehensive, and you were going slow and using “KISS”, which I appreciate. When I got into the multiple angles I started to do “Deer in the headlights” LOL!

    Wondering if you took a student, or a class and while they were in the doing stage we could see how you do some hands on training?

    Just my thoughts. Will keep on watching and learning. Will also be making mistakes this winter in the shop. I hope! LOL!


  2. bbrown1 says:

    I look forward to more project DVD’s. I have purchased 5 so far, and this method really works well for me. Again, I’d love to see more advanced period furniture with attention to details – inlay, banding, carving, etc. There’s a million resources for beginners, but very little out there covering high end reproduction furniture projects. I cannot attend a class due to work and family – so I really love the videos.

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