Stains / Dyes and Heat ,

To say we have been busy has been an understatement,  just been crazy, but that s OK .

While we have alot of client work in progress, the show has definitely taken alot of time,  as most know we got into the pin router thing and it just evolved, in a good way, but sure took alot of time and the show project, the Townsend Tall Case Clock, has been a real challenge, getting everything figured out and then having to figure out how to do it, has been a bit time-consuming and tough  but for me definitely worth the effort, this is expanding my own skills and testing them , I like it .

We have finally cooled down some and that’s a blessing, and we have had alot of folks have issues with trying to apply stains and dyes in the heat.

Oil base stains are not an issue however, Alcohol , Water base and lacquer base, are a different matter,  simply put they just dry entirely too fast,  water bases dyes are the slowest drying of  them all, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be an issue, especially in extreme heat, get over 90 degrees and it becomes a problem,the alcohol dyes are the fastest drying, most waterbase stains are really fast as well and lacquer is about the same , you just can’t control them .

The thing you have to know is everything has its limits, and many things are temperature sensitive,  so sometimes you just have to wait for better conditions,  but that is hard to do especially if you make a living, with wood, so here are some tips to help

Early morning is best when its cooler, water base is best, you can also lightly dampen the surface prior to applying, this helps to slow it down,, you can do the same with alcohol based, but not lacquers, also using a dampened stain pad applicator and working as small of a section as possible, always have a clean damp pad, to use to wipe the colorants back, Lacquer based products you can use a little retarder , but even then it is tough, so again all of this said, stay with the water base where you can, additionally ,  with water base and alcohol you can use the damp pad to help even out the color, but move fast, get it  on and wiped back as fast as you can.

I am prepping for our Pie Crust Table class beginning this Thursday, so guess I need to get some  glue and clamps moving, have to make 5 – 32″  X  5/4  tops.This will the first time I have done this table in a class, so it should be fun,  so guess  I need to get to work , Y’all be safe


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1 Response to Stains / Dyes and Heat ,

  1. Mike Kratky says:

    My figure walnut is just about prepped for the Pie Crust Table class. Bringing my own simply because I’ve had this beautiful crotch walnut looking for just the right project. Looking forward to the class, my 2nd having done the Sugar Chest class just last year.

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