Mary May On Line Carving Classes …. Excellent !

A while back I told you about Mary May , who in my opinion is one of the best carvers I have ever seen, well she has taken her teaching another step, and joined the ranks of  “on-line” classes, and she has set up a 3 day trial, for you to see for yourself, I can tell you I have already signed up,  take a look and give it a go, think you will learn alot as well as enjoy watch a true artist share her talents.

Well its Friday, and thankfully cooler temperatures , I been working on wrapping up some of the projects we have done in the show, and actually sort of taking it a bit easier,  but my main focus has been on getting  all the logistics and so forth down for the Townsend Tall Case Clock build, for the show, I am finally ready to get going on it,  this promises to be a real educational build, I am really looking forward to it,  but as we discussed we will have some, simpler projects also as we go along, now thinking about some neat mirror’s and some picture frames ,  not sure what else, definitely open for suggestions, so let me hear it.

Ya’ll stay cool and make some saw dust, 🙂

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5 Responses to Mary May On Line Carving Classes …. Excellent !

  1. DocSavage45 says:

    Hope it all goes well. No ac in my shop. Have whole building fan but 90 degree air is too hot.

  2. Pitbull says:

    Always looking for education on free form or bent laminations

  3. Ben says:

    Good timing on the Mary May classes. I’ve been working up to some ball & claw feet and really look forward to some instruction. Thanks for the heads up, Charles!

  4. a49model says:

    Charles, what kind of router bits will we need for the picture frames.

  5. Mike Wilson says:

    Over the years I have ended up with a bunch of tools and shop accessories. The best of which is the air conditioner I put in the shop. The air gets so thick here you could cut it with a knife sometimes, it’s not just hot it’s damp. I run AC all summer long in the shop, keeps the cast iron from rusting and me from sweating all over everything.

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