Took A Little Break , Well Sorta

One of the things about me, is I try to never let anything, “get the best of me”, just how it is, especially anything woodworking related.

I got into doing this string and berry inlay and while I was doing OK ,  that wasn’t good enough, so I simply decided to take a little time and just enjoy learning the ins and outs, so I did.

For me to get a chance to simply sit down and do something like this is rare, my world is usually going pretty fast, and I always have demands on my time,  so this was just a case of saying, “ya know, life is too short ,take the time, ” and I did, and I really enjoyed it, and now I know,  I used a router as well as the Lie Nielson tools and so forth, and like anything else they all have their quirks, as well as the various woods present different challenges in how well they work, so it was a  case of  what is the issue and how do I resolve it,  I filmed some of it in the show and this week it culminates,  as well at some point I will do a blog on it , but for now it’s just been nice to have had a little break, of sorts,  now its back to rock and roll.

I have a finishing class this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, this is the last one scheduled for the year, but who knows, we may do a fall one, also been thinking about a woodworking class for the end of summer or early fall, again just thinking.

Well its time to get to the gettin , got a spray booth full of bed stuff, I need to get finished up , before the finishing class, so guess another coffee and  get at it.

later, y’all be safe

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3 Responses to Took A Little Break , Well Sorta

  1. Thomas Tieffenbacher says:

    As an old southern farmer friend who was acarpenter in the WPA use to say,”a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!”

    Good to see you on the radar! 🙂


  2. 1dwr says:

    Good for you, Aways nice to just stop take time and smell the roses. Gets you off to a fresh start especially when you a mulling over a problem or something that just isn’t cooperating. Like you said life’s too short to stress about the small stuff and everything is small stuff. Don

  3. Monte West says:

    It was good to see you stop and smell the roses. The good thing you understand Stringing a lot better and now you will share with the rest of us. I for one want to know more about stringing so I ordered the DVD by Steve so I can learn more.
    Has Sherri converted the blog on finishing to a PDF file yet?
    Have Fun

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