Lie Nielson / Steve Latta Inlay Tools

While looking around for some ideas for the string and berry inlay for the show spice chest,  I came across a DVD by Steve Latta,  so of course I got it, and to say I was impressed by his skill and talent is an understatement. I have done some inlay and marquetry but certainly not enough to consider myself an expert, but I learn pretty quick, so to be able to see some one who is an expert do it was really nice, some thing  that was not available to me as I came up thru the ranks.

Typically I have either used a router and a small bit for the string and so forth, and that involved making patter’s and using guides and so forth I was able to do pretty well, but still it was limited and I have made some scratch tools for making arcs and so forth, or make a 1/16 plane of sorts, using some 1/16 steel stock and grinding and sharpening, then using exacto knives , I would cut a line then using the little plane/scraper I would clean it out, but it took a lot of time .

Steve’s DVD is very much about the Lie Nielson Inlay tools, but there is also alot of technique and so forth,  so I really enjoyed it, and as you may have guessed it, yea I bit the bullet and bought the Lie Nielson inlay tools, and while I haven’t had a chance to really get into using them I can already tell you they are sweet, and open up a new world, for anyone who wants to do inlay and especially stringing,  here is the DVD and the tools,!IT.htm

This was sent to me right after  I wrote this, its Steve Latta and Roy Underhill on initals and number inlays, good video

Now why am I writing this ?  Simply to let anyone know who has an interest in it as I do , know that there is some nice instruction and tools out there . I have no affiliation with them what so ever,  I was just impressed and thought I would share  🙂

I will be showing them some in the show, but we will also be working at using the router and 1/16 bit to do some string and berry on the spice chest, but I used the excuse that these tools would make designing the spice chest doors and so forth much easier , I don’t know that it worked all that well, but I got the tools, 🙂

Well as I write this  ,  I am getting ready to film this weeks show, have worked some on the spice chest inside’s , so time to show you , what we did and how we did it, , so guess I need to get another coffee and get to the business at hand, be safe !

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7 Responses to Lie Nielson / Steve Latta Inlay Tools

  1. Carl says:

    Something else to put on my wishlist! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thomas Tieffenbacher says:

    Thanks for the information. 🙂

  3. Richard Collins says:

    Like my said, ” That charles guy is sure hard on the budget”

  4. shiningwood says:

    Here is a link to the router base Steve Latta uses for his inlay with a Dremel tool.

    Your may also want to check out a Line and Berry with a Router DVD by Glen Huey from Popular Woodworking.

    Tony Stephens

  5. shiningwood says:

    Steve Latta also produced two additional videos in the Lie Neilson series:
    Fundamentals of Inlay : Federal Table Leg – covers tools, laying out the leg, setting the barber pole, review of the first DVD about stringing, setting the cuff, creating bell flower petals, sand shading, setting petals into the leg, icicle form, carrot form, transition into the pilaster, pilaster treatments, new york leg, ornamental ovals and much more ….. This is a very detail DVD that rusn over 3 hrs long.
    The last of his DVD series is about making ornamental bandings.
    Hope the information is useful !

  6. Uncle Jess says:

    I got the LN Steve Latta inlay tool set and it is sweet. But I’m not sure I’ll be using it enough to justify it. If someone would be interested in it, I’ll sell the set for $300 including shipping in the continental US (retail is $345) and I’ll throw in the extra cutters I bought. All in good shape, used for one project. Email me at jessecloud at

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