Big Bob & His Shop

Well, only have a few photos to share; at Big Bob’s and get the camera out to take some photos, turn it on and the screen display says, “no memory card” memory full.  Oh well, pull the phone out and snap a few, enjoy!

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8 Responses to Big Bob & His Shop

  1. Carl says:

    man, that’s a lot o’ wood stacked in there………he ever sell any of it? :o)

  2. this is just the shop, he has buildings with alot more, for you show subscribers, you will get a little tour in the show, 🙂

  3. bob says:

    I cleaned it up real nice. You can walk in there. I even build stuff there. I have been in Charles shop. I like mine better…..It was great having Charles and Sherri here, even though it was not a long time. The weather was nice, clear sunny and 75.
    Carl, those piles are nothing. But I do keep my really good stuff hidden. Ask Charles.

  4. I hear “satin” finishing wax help’s out a lot with that Bob. But the hat does a great job too!!!!!
    Can’t wait for the show…………………………….!!!

  5. Great looking shop and lots of great wood in there. Big Bob isn’t that big anymore ,good job on the slim down Bob. Glad ya’ll had a good visit.

  6. John McD says:

    Oh man I feel a whole better now. Charles send Bob a vidieo of my shop I was worried he would think my shop was full. He he Bob your at capacity.

  7. Brian Loucks says:

    Just got a load of Tiger Maple from Bob. Absolutley beautiful wood and you couldn’t deal with a nicer guy, Thanks again Bob

  8. bob says:

    John, I have lots of room. Sometimes , you just have to look for it.
    Brian, thanks for kudos on the wood. Glad you liked it. It is some real nice stuff.
    Thanks for the tip Ace. Wax on wax off.


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