My Favorite Bench Hold Down — Elite Holdfast

There is not a week goes by I don’t get several emails about the my bench hold down’s  ,

I have had them for years now and if you have watched any of my videos or show you know I use them constantly,  personally I love them ,  they are not cheap, but they sure work well, I have  used them with a MDF or plywood caul , and made me a small veneer press,  they are my “go to” bench clamp, for routing , hand planing , I use them to hold the wood for pattern routing, drilling, basically any thing I need to secure .

I just wanted to get a blog up so I would have a good reference for them , for the emails and thought it a good idea as well to just let everyone know, what they are and where to get them .

The one above is a 1″  , but they also make a 3/4 ” , not as heavy as the 1″ but I have them as well and they do a good job,,

Hope everyone is staying warm, and getting some shop time,   be safe

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7 Responses to My Favorite Bench Hold Down — Elite Holdfast

  1. Stumpy Nubs says:

    I have noticed them in your videos, and I’ve seen them before at Woodcraft. I personally use the old fashioned iron hooks style. But I may have to try one of those too!

  2. JES says:

    Just wondering….have you tried the Veritas Hold-Down?:,41637

    • Kenny says:

      I don’t speak for Charles, as his opinion may differ greatly from mine. But when I look at the Veritas hold-fast, I see several issues that make me think twice about plopping down the $80 they want for one in favor of a design like that which Charles describes above.

      My main issue is the whole top clamping portion is aluminum. Not a durable material for a clamp that costs $80 IMHO. As well, the leverage ratio is backwards, at least in my eyes.

      Myself, I’d go with a traditional hold-fast from someone like Phil Koontz or even a set of Gramercy before I would plop down $80 for an aluminum hold-fast. And those 3/4″ clamping hold-fast’s that Charles linked to look like an awesome deal for the money. And considering you could get four for the price of one Veritas, it’s where I’d put my dollars.

  3. I have the bench dogs and the L shaped hold downs, and all, and they do well, but these are far more positive in my opinion, I have had the others “slip” or come loose, these never have

  4. Gerry says:

    I have the 3/4 inch versions you show as alternatives. It is critical that the holes in the bench are exactly 3/4″, and the top thickness be no more that 1 1/2″, or they slide up and don’t work at all.

    Since they are one piece, you don’t get straight down holding pressure, and tend to get the holding pad at an angle. Usually I need 2 hands to set them. I’d much prefer the larger ones, but I too find the price point a barrier. AND, indeed, the Veritas version is too expensive to consider.

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