Surprize Surprize Surprize , Finishing Nightmares DVD

Well , what can I say,  I feel sure I am the only one who has ever experienced them 🙂

This DVD is exactly what it implies, it deals with many finishing issues, from blotching, sand throughs, stains and finish’s not drying, orange peel, brush marks, runs, drip’s, streaking and  sand scratches, and on and on, we deal alot with staining/dying, and simply put  “issues”! After years of fielding what seems like a zillion emails and questions, it seems alot of people have the same issues, so decided it was time, to try to do something, abou it, and I think by now I’m qualified 🙂

The DVD , looks at correcting the issues, but also how to avoid,  like having  sand scratches showing up , or those dreded fish hook scratches, and on and on, we will have it indexed and chaptered, so locating a topic is easy, this is one you don’t want to miss as well, I have some pretty neat little stories as we go thru, so the girls are about ready to release so spread the word and watch for the email,

I think you will find this one a super valuable resource , no matter how you finish, again its 40 some odd years of correcting issues and getting out of trouble , whether you spray , wipe, or brush, we got it covered.

One last note, if you want to attend one of the finishing classes, don’t delay they are filling fast and the email hasnt gone out yet, so reserve your spot ASAP.


Stay warm and stay safe !

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5 Responses to Surprize Surprize Surprize , Finishing Nightmares DVD

  1. Carl says:

    Now this sounds like a great DVD! (Don’t forget to include the one “I” taught ya!…..”after spraying a water base finish, do NOT clean out your gun with denatured alcohol until you FIRST clean it out with WATER!”)

  2. it was lacquer thinner Carl, see you need the DVD .:) it will make the finish turn to jello , it in there ,

  3. Carl says:

    ha! thought I’d used DNA…….gues I DO need the DVD (as if I didn’t already know that, huh?) sign me up for one, please!

  4. Chris says:

    I hope the photo in the store is the actual cover!

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