Box Router Bits

In the event  you wish to use the exact bits I did, below are the listings  , Ballew Saw and Tool were the only ones  I found to have the small multi form in stock , but please feel free to look for subsitutes or cheaper, I just  put out what I used as I already had the bits,

base molding and top molding profile

# 3340 , it’s a miniature of the bigger multi form , now we just use the bottom bead and cove , not the whole bit, so its a bead a little step up and the cove,

for the feet we used a 1/2 radius round over bit and  a bullnose   # 1414

for the raised panel we used  a 6000F    ( with a 7/8 bearing , bought seperate)

with a 7/8 od bearing which has to be bought separately, it is #   B28

for the top inner molding ( raised panel )  we used a miniature set of rail and style cutters , but we could also do it with a 1/4 radius round over and  a 1/8 wing cutter  , the top edge as well as the bottom molding are 5/8 thick,  you could also use a regular rail and stile set up and have the top be 3/4 thick,  in which case you would not need the 7/8 bearing above , here are the miniature rail and stile  I used, but since it is mitered I only  used the stile cutter, for the bead and the groove   here is the one I used  # 5740

Now I realize this is alot of $ , so look at the bits and see what you have to improvise or substitute  as you desire, but I wanted to get this out here ASAP  …

If you find the same profiles in other manufactures or better pricing , please feel free to post in comments  below, !!!

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5 Responses to Box Router Bits

  1. jk93117 says:

    This is a small multi-form bit I found a little cheaper. Is there any reason it wouldn’t work?

  2. vwturtle13 says:

    Eagle America has the small Multi Profile bit also.

  3. Jk, that will work, if its the small one, just be sure, VW , yes I saw the one on Eagle, but its out of stock, so I searched for in stock items, as many are doing these for Christmas, and we are slamming to get it done as quick as possible , eagle said dec 22 as I recall and it was more expensive,

  4. vwturtle13 says:

    I didn’t realize they were out of stock. I purchased one a couple of weeks ago. So if anyone in the NY area are in a pinch and need one, they are more than welcome to use mine.

    • Wayne says:

      I believe that Eagle America also carries the miniture rail and stile bits. Got mine from them when I built the Hancock clock. They work quite well.

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